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Musselburgh clinch quarter-final spot in second half goal extravaganza

Lewis United Youth 3

D. Cummings 64' 69' Zanda 70+1'

Musselburgh Windsor 4

Higginson 44' 52' Jordan 61' Lee McCartney 65'
  • Sunday, 13 December 2015
  • Kaimhill
  • Under 13´s
  • SYFA Scottish Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Musselburgh Windsor made the journey North to play Lewis United Youth in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. It was Musselburgh who secured their place in the quarter-final, with a 4-3 win following a goalless first half. Musselburgh’s goals were scored by Justin Jordan, Robert Lee McCartney and two by Lewis Higginson, while Lewis’ goals were scored by Simone Zanda and two by Dylan Cummings.

The visitors were pressing early on but Lewis United held their defence strong and were not giving anything away. Musselburgh were forced to set up their scoring opportunities from set pieces but Lewis were able to clear.

Tait Duthie made the first real break for Lewis and put the ball into space for Aiden Leonard but Musselburgh closed in to deny the scoring opportunity. 

Soon after, Simone Zanda crossed the ball into the box for the home side but it was nudged just too far for Dylan Cummings to run onto, and he was unable to make a shot at goal.

Musselburgh began to show more of the attacking play that they had displayed early on and Robert Lee McCartney shot from the edge of the box but it was caught by Lewis goalkeeper, Reece Singer.

Once again, Zanda was on the attack for the home side, weaving through the defence but his shot from inside the box was pushed wide by Mussleburgh goalkeeper, Nathan Cummings.

End to end play ensued, with both teams trying to create chances but each opposition holding their defence well to limit the opportunities to shoot. However Lewis were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards. Leonard shot but the ball was deflected off the crossbar, allowing the visitors to breathe a sigh of relief.

Musselburgh soon had a chance of their own, with a free kick at thirty yards. Kurt Robertson found the box but the ball was cleared by Dylan Cummings.

McCartney then made a stunning break down the wing, leaving defenders in his wake before crossing into the box but once again, Dylan Cummings cleared before Robertson or Lewis Higginson could make a shot at goal.

Higginson shot from outside the box but Singer made a great catch to keep the ball out. However Higginson continued his assault on the goal, this time shooting from twenty-five yards. Although he had Singer scrambling at his post, the shot was wide and the half ended with no goals.

  • Half Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 0-0
  • Musselburgh Windsor

The second half saw an early break from Zanda, who crossed the ball into the box but Musselburgh rallied their defence to clear the danger. However Zanda soon made another break but this time, he drove the ball too far and Nathan Cummings swept in to clear.

Musselburgh were awarded a corner which was taken by Aiden McFarlane. He crossed the ball into the box where it was knocked in by Higginson in the forty-fourth minute.

Once again, Zanda pressed forward for the home side, using his pace and footwork to drive into the box. Leonard ran on and shot from inside the box but it was just wide.

The visitors were soon attacking again and Adam Clark crossed the ball for Higginson who lured Singer out before tapping it into the net with fifty-two minutes played.

Lewis were down but not out, and Zanda put the ball through for Dylan Cummings who crossed the ball into the box where it was caught by Nathan Cummings to deny the scoring chance that had been created by the home side.

Musselburgh drove the ball forward again and Justin Jordan shot through a group of players inside the box to send it past substitute goalkeeper, Tim Findlay, and into the back of the net in the sixty-first minute.

However, the home side finally found that goal they were looking for with Zanda making a break and passing back to Dylan Cummings, who shot from thirty-five yards. He found the corner of the net to bring his side back into the game in the sixty-fourth minute.

The visitors took play straight back to the other end, McCartney shot from just inside the box and it was pushed wide by Findlay. However the ball came back to McCartney and his second shot went straight into the net to increase the gap once more in the seventieth minute.

Zanda, who had been a key figure in Lewis’ attack throughout, was still looking for that elusive goal, penetrated the defence but was brought down by the goalkeeper in the box, earning his side a penalty. Dylan Cummings stepped up and sent the ball into the top of the net in the sixty-ninth minute to narrow the gap once more.

Into added time, Lewis were awarded a corner. Dylan Cummings crossed the ball into the box, where it was tapped in by Zanda amidst Musselburgh’s defence in the seventy-first minute.

However, it was too little too late as Lewis could not get another goal before the final whistle.


  • Full Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 3-4
  • Musselburgh Windsor


Lewis United Youth
Musselburgh Windsor
1. Reece Singer
2. James Barber
4. Evan Robertson
5. Andrew Bremeer
6. Abraham Ama
7. Fraser Allan
8. Aiden Leonard
9. Simone Zanda
10. Jamie Forrest
11. Dylan Cummings
15. Connor Cadger
17. Kyle Gordon
18. Tim Findlay
19. Tait Duthie
1. Nathan Cummings
2. Aidan McFarlane
3. Adam Clark
4. Jack Dickson
5. Josh Campbell
6. Ben Finlay
7. Lewis Young
8. Kerr Marr
9. Ben Gearty
10. Jack Main
11. Justin Jordan
12. Lewis Higginson
15. Kurt Robertson
16. Lewis Bowd
19. Robert Lee McCartney
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Musselburgh Windsor
Simone Zanda - Was a prominent figure in attack. Playing out of position, Zanda made several breaks and created chances for himself and his teammates, and his goal was well deserved.
Lewis Bowd - Was key figure in defence for Musselburgh, closing down a number of Lewis United attacks and limiting their opportunities to score.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Musselburgh Windsor
Lewis United's first goal was a fantastic moment for the side. Dylan Cummings' impressive shot from thirty-five yards was a great strike, and it gave them the belief that they needed to continue to push Musselburgh all the way.
Justin Jordan's goal was well taken, to score with so many bodies in the box at the time. However, the final whistle must also have been a magic moment for the side as they secured their place in the quarter-final.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Musselburgh Windsor
I spoke with Thomas Bruce, head coach for Lewis United Youth, who said, "I wish Musselburgh all the best."
I spoke with Roddy McFarlane, one of the coaches at Musselburgh, who said, "It was a close game towards the end. There was really nothing [in the first half] between both teams. Going into the second half, we upped our game a bit, we kept a shape and managed to get the goal that I think we deserved. Thankfully we've held on to go into the last eight. We wish Lewis United all the best for their season moving forward."

On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "We've got a big game next week, the quarter-final of the South-East region cup so we're hoping to get through that. We're sitting top of the league at the moment so it's going to be good, it's going to be close all the way. We've got a great bunch of lads supported by great parents and we just want to try and push as much as we can for the rest of the season."

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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