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Tynecastle fall as Albion reach Scottish Cup semi-final

Banks O'Dee Albion FC 4

B. Ross 24', 43', 46', McKenzie 48'

Tynecastle FC 3

Cowan 7', Cairns 12', Gill 63'
  • Sunday, 07 February 2016
  • Spain Park
  • Under 16´s
  • Scottish Youth FA Cup - Quarter Final

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The rainy and windy conditions were not ideal for a Scottish Cup quarter-final but they did nothing to lessen the physicality of the match between Banks O’Dee Albion and Tynecastle FC. Banks O’Dee secured their place in the semi-final with 4-3 win. Ben Ross scored a hat trick for the home side with Calum McKenzie adding their winning goal, while Tynecastle’s goals were scored by Jackson Cowan, Russell Cairns and Lewis Gill.

Both teams fronted up well in the opening phases of play before the home side made a break through Calum McKenzie. However he became isolated in the corner and Tynecastle’s Ciaran McKenzie closed in and won the ball, allowing his side to clear.

Tynecastle pressed forward and Owen Winnick shot from twenty-five yards but it was pushed over the crossbar by Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Vitali Sahhalevtis. Gregor Lamb then shot from forty yards for the visitors but Sahhalevtis pushed the ball over the crossbar once again.

The visitors were awarded a corner which was taken by Jackson Cowan. He crossed the ball into the box where it was fumbled into the net to give Tynecastle the lead in the seventh minute.

Banks O’Dee pressed forward through Calum McKenzie and Connor Wood but neither could find the chance that they were looking for as Tynecastle held their defence.

In the twelfth minute, the visitors were awarded another corner. Russell Cairns sent the ball into the box where it hit the far post and bounced into the net to extend his side’s lead.

The home side were looking to respond and Mark Reid raced through the defence but the ball was smothered by Tynecastle goalkeeper, Jamie MacPherson, before Reid could make his shot.

Banks O’Dee were then awarded a corner taken by Calum Beattie who crossed it into the box. The ball was pushed wide by MacPherson and cleared by Andrew Lickley.

However the home side’s efforts were soon rewarded when McKenzie crossed the ball into the box, luring MacPherson out from the goal mouth to create an opening for Ben Ross who sent the ball into the back of the net in the twenty-fourth minute.

The visitors pressed forward and Cairns shot from wide to the left only to be denied by Sahhalevtis. Cowan then created an opening to shoot from twenty-five yards but it was deflected by Ross.

The home side were looking for an equaliser, and Jason Ritchie made a long pass to Hamish MacLeod who broke down the wing and weaved through the defence to shoot from twenty-five yards but it went wide.

As the half drew to a close, Tynecastle drove forward and Callum Bremner shot from twenty yards and wide to the right but the ball went just over the crossbar.

  • Half Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 1-2
  • Tynecastle FC

The rain and wind eased off as the second half got underway, and Tynecastle made an early break through Winnick who shot from the edge of the box but it was pushed wide by Sahhalevtis.

Tynecastle were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards. Cowan sent the ball over the defensive wall and into the hands of Sahhalevtis.

Banks O’Dee were pressing to draw the score level, and Calum McKenzie broke through the defence but MacPherson was able to smother the ball before McKenzie could make his shot.

However the home side were soon on the attack again and Ross weaved his way through the defence to tap the ball into the net in the forty-third minute and draw the score level.

Soon after Banks O’Dee were awarded a corner. Beattie crossed the ball into the box for Ross who slipped it past MacPherson to claim his hat trick in the forty-sixth minute, putting the home side into the lead for the first time in the match.

Straight from the restart, Calum McKenzie raced into the box to shoot, finding the back of the net in the thirteenth minute.

The visitors tried to rally, with possession going back and forth between the sides dangerously close to Tynecastle’s goal but the defence were able to clear and Bremner found himself in space at the edge of the box but his shot was just wide.

Tynecastle were then awarded a free kick at thirty yards. Gill sent the ball over the wall and found the back of the net in the sixty-third minute.

However the visitors had little time to celebrate as the sixty-fifth minute saw captain, Ciaran McKenzie, being shown a red card for foul play, leaving the side down to ten men with only five minutes left to fight for their place in the competition.

Banks O’Dee looked set to capitalise as Calum McKenzie made another break down the wing but Martin Maughan looked sharp in defence, putting the ball out of play.

Both teams were looking for another goal, and Gill made an ambitious shot from thirty-five yards for the visitors but it went just wide.

The home side pressed forward through Reid but Tynecastle held their defence well and counterattacked, with interchanging play from Gill and Dale Skinner before Maughan shot from the edge of the box but Sahhalevtis smothered the ball on the line to ensure his team’s place in the semi-finals.

  • Full Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 4-3
  • Tynecastle FC


Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Tynecastle FC
1. Vitali Sahhalevtis
2. Jason Ritchie
3. Calum Beattie
4. Calum McKenzie
5. Connor Wood
6. Alasdair Shrive
7. Andrew Wood
8. Joseph Bisset
9. Greg Pirie
11. Shaun Cameron
12. Cameron Imrie
14. Lewis Duffy
15. Mark Reid
16. Cameron Ross
17. Ben Ross
20. Hamish MacLeod
1. Jamie MacPherson
2. Todd Teviotdale
3. Andrew Lickley
4. Lewis Gill
5. Ciaran McKenzie
6. Callum Bremner
8. Jackson Cowan
10. Owen Winnick
11. Martin Maughan
14. Russell Cairns
15. Matthew Brown
16. Dale Skinner
17. Gregor Lamb
Star Player
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Tynecastle FC
Connor Wood - He was a threat in attack throughout the game, creating a number of chances for his teammates and making breaks.
Martin Maughan - He looked strong both in attack and in defence, closing down a number of chances for Banks O'Dee.
Magic Moment
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Tynecastle FC
Calum McKenzie's goal was well taken. Straight from the restart, he showed the same blistering pace that he had demonstrated throughout the game but this time, he found the goal to give his team confidence in their lead.
Tynecastle's second goal was scored before anyone in the crowd knew what had happened. Cairns' shot from the corner rebounded into the net from the far post and gave the visitors a good lead early on in the game.
Club Views
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Tynecastle FC
I spoke with Cameron Imrie, captain of Banks O'Dee Albion, who said, "We started quite slow and were giving the ball away easily. We got that vital goal back before half-time and then kicked on from there. I thought [Tynecastle] were a very good team. They were passing it around us but we started to see what we were up against, started to dig a bit deeper and started to play well."
I spoke with Dean Montgomery, head coach of Tynecastle FC, who said, "We started off well in the first half. We moved the ball quick, the boys held the ball well up front. In the second half, we shot ourselves in the foot. We dominated the first half but we crumbled in the second half. Banks O'Dee kept fighting when they were 2-0 down but we let out frustration get the better of us."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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