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Albion into the semi final as Windsor are undone

Banks O'Dee Albion FC 3

Brand 29' 59', Peters 37'

Musselburgh Windsor FC 1

Main 47'
  • Sunday, 07 February 2016
  • Spain Park
  • Under 13´s
  • SYFA Inspire Scottish Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In strong winds, Musselburgh Windsor returned to Aberdeen for their second Scottish Cup fixture against a North region team, this time facing Banks O’Dee Albion in the quarter-final. However it was the home side who secured progression to the semi-finals with a 3-1 win. Banks O’Dee’s goals were scored by Matt Peters and two by Lewis Brand, while Musselburgh’s goal was scored by Jack Main.

Musselburgh made an early break with Robert Lee McCartney shooting from twenty-five yards and wide to the right but it went wide.

Banks O’Dee pressed forward and Lewis Brand put the ball out to Santiago Rivett. However before Rivett could make a shot, Justin Jordan swept in to put the ball out of play. From the resulting corner, Ben Dalglish put the ball to Gary Livingstone on the edge of the box but he could not get a clear shot at goal.

The visitors looked dangerous in attack and McCartney shot from inside the box but it was pushed wide by Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Murray Burns. McCartney ran on looking for another chance but it went just wide.

Musselburgh continued to press and Jordan crossed the ball into the box but Adam Clark headed the ball over the crossbar.

Matt Peters set up interchanging play with Brand to press forward but Musselburgh looked strong in defence. Banks O’Dee were awarded a corner taken by Dalglish. He found Livingstone in the box who tried to create an opening for Peters and Brand but Musselburgh cleared the danger.

The visitors were awarded a free kick at thirty yards. Lewis Bowd sent the ball into the box but it was pushed wide by Burns at the post.

Then came a break from Jack Main who laid the ball back for Bowd but Banks O’Dee rallied their defence to clear.

The home side were than awarded a free kick at thirty-five yards. Brand struck the ball well to see it over the defensive wall and into the net to put his side in the lead in the twenty-ninth minute.

Musselburgh pressed forward again, this time through Jordan and McCartney but as McCartney raced into the box, Burns rushed out from the goal mouth to smother the ball. They were then awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards but Main sent the ball into Burns’ hands.

Rivett made another break for the home side and crossed to Brand who shot from the edge of the box but Musselburgh goalkeeper, Nathan Cummings, blocked the shot with his knees to keep the ball out.

The home side pressed once more through Travis Raynard whose shot from twenty-five yards went over the crossbar.

The visitors looked dangerous again through McCartney who drove down the wing and weaved through defenders to shoot from twenty-five yards but Burns kept it out to bring the half to an end.

  • Half Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 1-0
  • Musselburgh Windsor FC

Despite an early break from Main in the second half, Banks O’Dee held their nerve to clear and counterattack. Rivett laid the ball back for Peters who slipped it into the net in the thirty-seventh minute.

The home side continued to press with Livingstone and Rivett setting up some interchanging play before Brand ran on but his shot from twenty-five yards was just wide.

Musselburgh’s Lewis Higginson showed some blistering pace as he raced forward and crossed the ball into the box. Burns pushed the ball wide and then smothered it as McCartney ran on looking for a chance of his own.

However the visitors continued to press, and McCartney put the ball into the box once more for Main who found the back of the net in the forty-seventh minute.

Musselburgh looked more confident and Ben Gearty put the ball through for McCartney who looked for an opening but Dalglish remained tight in defence. McCartney then made a shot from wide on the right but it was headed clear by Leon Forbes.

Dalglish made a great break into the box and passed out wide to Forbes but Musselburgh held their defence strong.

However Brand broke through the defence luring Cummings out from the goal mouth. He lobbed the ball from thirty yards into the net to increase the home side’s lead in the fifty-ninth minute.

Musselburgh were looking to respond, and Higginson shot from twenty-five yards but Burns caught the ball to keep it out. McCartney then drove the ball down the wing and put it into the box for Gearty but Cameron Jappy closed in to deny the chance.

As play returned to the other end of the field, Jappy lured Cummings out and passed to Brand whose shot from inside the box was deflected off the post but Banks O’Dee had already done enough to secure their place in the semi-finals.

  • Full Time:
  • Banks O'Dee Albion FC
  • 3-1
  • Musselburgh Windsor FC


Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Musselburgh Windsor FC
1. Murray Burns
2. Joseph Otto
3. Leon Forbes
4. Struan Lumsden
5. Ben Dalglish
6. Gary Livingstone
7. Mario Raynard
8. Travis Raynard
9. Charlie Stewart
10. Santiago Rivett
11. Matt Peters
12. Jack MacDonald
14. Lewis Brand
16. Jason Anderson
17. Charlie Milne
19. Josh Middler
20. Cameron Jappy
21. Jack King
1. Nathan Cummings
2. Aidan McFarlane
3. Adam Clark
4. Jack Dickson
5. Josh Campbell
6. Ben Finlay
8. Kerr Marr
9. Ben Gearty
10. Jack Main
11. Justin Jordan
12. Lewis Higginson
15. Kurt Robertson
16. Lewis Bowd
19. Robert Lee McCartney
Star Player
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Musselburgh Windsor FC
Murray Burns - He had an outstanding game, making some great saves throughout to deny Musselburgh a number of opportunities to score.
Robert Lee McCartney - He had a great game, making a number of breaks and always looking to finish the chances that his team had throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Musselburgh Windsor FC
Lewis Brand's second goal was fantastic, luring the goalkeeper out and lobbing it into the net following an impressive break. Not only was it a great goal but it secured his team's place in the semi-finals.
Musselburgh's goal was well worked. McCartney created the chance for Main to run on and he succeeded in finding the back of the net to get his team on the score sheet.
Club Views
Banks O'Dee Albion FC
Musselburgh Windsor FC
I'm speaking with John Otto, the team manager, team secretary and one of the coaches from Banks O'Dee Albion, who said, "I thought both teams performed admirably today. All credit to Musselburgh who gave us one of the toughest games we've had this season. I'm proud of our boys who were on a high and were up for it today and they've proved themselves today. We're looking forward to the semi-finals."
I spoke with Steven Clark, one of the coaches at Musselburgh Windsor, who said, "I thought out performance was good, especially in the first half. We were under the cosh for a bit but we regrouped at half-time. The boys showed their mettle to come back into it. It was a good performance from both teams but Banks O'Dee finished their chances when they got them and we wish them all the best in the next round."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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