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Exciting times ahead for Rossvale Girls

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Rossvale Girls Football Club has progressed immensely since it was founded. Established in 1976 in Bishopbriggs, Rossvale FC is now becoming noticed as a renowned team. Michael Docherty, one of the coaching staff, tells us why it has enjoyed so much success in recent years, and also gives advice for other teams on how to be successful and how he wishes his team to progress in the future.
So, how many players are there on the team, and what are the age ranges?: ‘Currently we have 15 girls at Under 13s level, and 15 girls from 7-11 years of age.’ Docherty is extremely proud towards his team, stating that they have found so much success due to their ‘superb commitment and enthusiasm, as well as learning the game and skills.’ However, what Docherty believes is vital is to create a relaxed environment and to allow the girls to enjoy the experience: ‘We try to make it fun and enjoyable by using different drills and games within coaching sessions.’ 
As well as allowing a care-free environment, Docherty also places an emphasis on creating a community for the team: ‘Rossvale as a club try to involve parents as much as possible, creating a family-feel while the girls are learning.’ Some of the team’s best attributes are, according to Docherty, their ‘ability to work well as a team, and raise confidence and team-building skills.’ On the casual side, Docherty believes in celebrating the girls’ success through activities and outings: ‘We try to arrange fundraising to allow girls to have days out. At Christmas, we took the girls to laser quest, then dinner.’ 
Although the team has built up an impressive reputation in the league, it has not been easy to get there. ‘In the past, we’ve worked hard getting the girls sponsored, and we are currently in the process of acquiring a new sponsorship deal as the girls head into proper league setup.’ Adding to the importance of a family-like environment, Docherty adds that: ‘Overall, the girls and parents seem to like what our coaches are doing. They give up their time coaching, going on courses, and taking games, and it's all done voluntary. But as head coach I can say that it's all for the good of the girls!’
To further motivate his players, Docherty has ‘had the players from the Scottish Cup Final, Glasgow City vs Hibernian, show them what can be achieved if they believe they are good enough, work hard, and listen and learn from their coaches.’ Docherty also stated his future aspirations for the team, which include: ‘meeting future teammates and other kids in rival teams. Also, hopefully in progressing to the league-levels, the girls will form a stronger bond.’ 
Giving his players some final words of encouragement for the future, Docherty adds that: ‘In the future, if the girls fall away from love of the game as they get older, I'm hoping that what they learn will put them in good stead for the future.’ 

Omar Malik | YFS South East Region Journalist
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