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Stirling Albion JA look ahead to first tournament outside of Scotland with Trans World Soccer

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With this week’s edition of #WhatsYourStory, we take a look at Stirling Albion’s preparations for the Blackpool International Trophy this Easter, where they are travelling with Trans World Soccer.
Albion will be joining a host of other Scottish teams down in Blackpool, along with competing against teams from other countries too.
The coach, Stuart McKechnie caught up with Youth Football Scotland to give us a bit of insight into his team. This is a tournament full of ‘firsts’ for the Albion boys, with it being the ‘first trip away overnight as a team’ and their ‘first tournament outside Scotland’.
The boys also ‘won the FVFDA League Cup’ last season in their first season playing 11 a side so will be hoping to build on that success in Blackpool.
The team suffered a setback 18 months ago, having to ‘majorly rebuild’ the team after losing ‘around 60% of the team to pro youth teams’. Luckily, the core of the team ‘have played together for almost 7 years now’ and have high hopes that they will be ‘making memories that will stick with the boys’.
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1  What tournament will you be going to?
We are going to the Blackpool International Trophy during Easter weekend 2018.
2  What are you / the team most looking forward to for the trip?
The coaches are looking forward to taking the boys away and playing some new teams from other countries as well as enjoying some social time with the team. The team is looking forward to our first trip away overnight as a team and making memories that hopefully will stick with the boys.
3  What is something that people might not know about Stirling Albion? 
The core of our team have played together for almost 7 years now, but we had to majorly rebuild summer 2016 when we started 11 aside as we lost around 60% of our team to pro youth teams.
This is our first tournament outside Scotland. We won the FVFDA League Cup last season in our 1stseason at 11 aside. We are currently sitting top of our league.
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