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Kirkintilloch Rob Roy clinch Scottish Cup on penalties

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1

Dawson (14)

Harmony Row 1

Robb (27)
  • KRR win 5-4 on penalties
  • Sunday, 19 May 2019
  • Excelsior Stadium
  • Under 19´s
  • Scottish FA Youth Cup

The Excelsior stadium welcomed Kirkintilloch Rob Roy and Harmony Row as they went head to head in the hopes of clinching cup final glory in the Scottish Youth FA Cup.

After a hard fought 90 minutes and extra time from both sides, Kirkintilloch sealed themselves victory on penalties after Callum McAuley’s excellent save of Ben Harwood’s powerful shot, which was ultimately the deciding factor in the tie.

Both teams set the tone for the fixture early on as Kirkintilloch’s Greg Miller piled on the pressure for the Harmony Row Goal Keeper, Dylan Austin; while Harmony Row’s Greg Murphy had a series of crunching tackles.

As Harmony Row found themselves comfortable within the game, the fifth minute saw Charlie Freedman race up the left hand side before firing the ball into the back of the net, only to have the effort called offside.

It wasn’t long before Kirkintilloch were hitting back at the other end though, as Miller had a shot that was taken comfortably by Austin in the sixth minute.

It was in the 14th minute, however, that Kirkintilloch caught a break as Kian Gilday sent an excellent ball over to the opposite side of the box to Luke McNiven, who picked out the feet of Fraser Dawson in the box. Dawson calmly slotted the ball past Austin and Kirkintilloch found themselves 1-0 up within the first 15 minutes.

After a series of long balls that didn’t seem to come off for Harmony Row, their determination paid off in the 27th minute after they gained a crucial corner that would change the dynamic of the game once again.

The effort brushed the head of Harwood but didn’t come off as he may have hoped; however, it fell behind him for Kieran Robb, who fired a low shot into the left-hand corner of the net, bringing the fixture even once more at 1-1.

After equalising, Harmony Row seemed to gain the confidence to take hold of the match, Harwood in particular continued to send wonderful balls into the box before one dropped for Kyle Elrick who was unable to take advantage.

  • Half Time:
  • Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  • 1-1
  • Harmony Row

As the second half kicked off in Airdrie, Harmony Row seemed to be on the front foot as Harwood, who remained a constant threat throughout, had some quick stepovers before his effort was blocked by the Kirkintilloch defence in the 47th minute.

As both teams found themselves competing for the winning goal, the centre-backs at both ends were putting in a solid defensive shift, with Harmony Row’s Goal Scorer Robb fighting tirelessly be the first to every ball, while Kirkintilloch’s Cameron Henry had a series of crunching sliding tackles.

It was the 53rd minute that could have been the game-changer for Harmony Row, as Elrick raced down the right-hand wing and fired it low to Chrissy Drennan who was taken out by McAuley. Harmony Row seemed to be out of luck though as the referee was not interested in the calls for a penalty kick.

While it seemed to be all Harmony Row for a short spell, Kirkintilloch had a chance in the 68th minute as Kyle Ferry sent a great cross into the box for Blair Murdoch, who’s shot was well blocked by Reiss Johnston.

As the 75th minute approached, extra time seemed to be looming, but Harmony Row’s Drennan, Robb, and Murphy found themselves in the right-hand corner, maintaining a solid defensive unit as Kirkintilloch continued to pile on the pressure.

There was end to end action as extra time seemed to be approaching, after a free kick for Kirkintilloch in the 85th minute, the ball dropped for Matthew Laing but he was unable to put his team in front as he sent his shot over the bar. The two sides would have to settle for an action-packed extra-time.

  • Full Time:
  • Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  • 1-1
  • Harmony Row
As extra time began, Harmony Row piled the pressure on from the outset as Harwood drove down the right-hand side and used quick feet to make his way into the box before earning his side a corner.

The eighth minute of extra time saw Kirkintilloch's Brogan Watson drive from the defence through the middle of the park only to be intercepted once again by the Harmony Row centre-backs, Robb and Daniel O'Neill, who worked tirelessly throughout the fixture.

As the clock ticked on, the ball fell for Adam Love on the edge of the box; however, the momentum of the ball caused him to send a powerful shot over the bar. The frustration continued for Harmony Row. In the final minute of extra time, the pacey quick-feet of Miller was too much for the Harmony Row defence and he was brought down for a free kick.

This was the final chance of the game for either side, and as the ball was whipped in, we were left wondering if they just might clinch it then and there; however, the ball trickled wide and the ref's whistle was blown. Penalties: As the two sides lined up on the half way line to watch Drennan take the first penality, that atmosphere was tense; but he slotted it calmly into the back of the net to put Harmony Row 1-0 up.

It was all square until match standout, Harwood, stepped up to take his penalty which was excellently saved by McAuley.

This ended up being the costly event for Harmony Row, as Llyod Aitken fired the final penalty into the back of the net, earning Kirkintilloch Rob Roy a cup final victory.

Final Result: KRR win 5-4 on penalties


Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
Harmony Row
1. Callum McAuley
2. Kyle Ferry
3. Kian Gilday
4. Lawrence Wade
5. Marcus Hampson
6. Daniel McNeills
7. Fraser Dawson
8. Luke McNiven
9. Matthew Laing
10. Blair Murdoch
11. Brogan Watson
12. Vincent Gillespie
14. Kai McNaught
16. Llyod Aitken
17. Thomas Andrews
18. Greg Miller
19. Mark Ward
20. Cameron Henry
21. Robert Clunie
22. Jason Stevenson
1. Dylan Austin
2. Scott Meikle
3. Greg Murphy
4. Daniel O'Neill
5. Reiss Johnston
6. Adam Love
7. Kenny Duffy
8. Charlie Freedman
9. Kelvin Daniel
10. Max Montgomery
11. Daniel McManus
14. Kyle Elrick
15. Kieran Robb
17. Chrissy Drennan
18. Ben Harwood
19. Cameron Kerr
20. Thomas Seagrave
21. Martin Beattie
Star Player
Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
Harmony Row
The star-player for Kirkintilloch was Fraser Dawson; he bagged them that first goal and it got them going in the fixture. He continued to remain a threat to the Harmony Row centre-backs throughout and he was constantly a thorn in their side.
The official star player was Kieran Robb, who was outstanding. However, my star-player for Harmony Row has to be Ben Harwood; he worked tirelessly on the right-wing, using his pace and footwork to drive past the defence and fire dangerous balls into the box. He was unlucky during the penalty shoot out, but that doesn't take away from his excellent performance during the game.
Magic Moment
Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
Harmony Row
The magic moment for Kirkintilloch was when Llyod Aitken slotted home the penalty to win them the match. He had a lot of pressure on him to put it away and he did excellently.
Harmony Row's magic moment was the goal from Kieran Robb. It brought them back into the match and changed the dynamic of the game once again. It was a great finish.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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