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UK International Cup 2020: Syngenta Excited to Meet Test

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Coach Thomas Brighton reckons his young Syngenta Juveniles team will learn a lot from their trip to the UK International Cup next year.
The 2011 squad are off to St George’s Park at the start of May, where they’ll be part of a 100-team tournament vying to be crowned UK International Cup champions.
And Brighton believes it’s an invaluable opportunity for his side: “The boys are all excited to attend the tournament and are looking forward to playing against teams from different cultures and backgrounds from all over Britain and Europe,” he said. “We believe it will be a good chance for our boys to gain valuable life experience, whilst playing football in a challenging environment and at a well-established venue.”
Syngenta are a team that have taken part in plenty of competitions in Scotland and are looking forward to meeting the challenge that awaits them down south. As Brighton explains, the number of matches in a short period of time and the unknown opposition they’ll be up against could test the squad:
“As a team we have experienced many tournaments, although predominantly at locations in close proximity to where we are based. This will be the first tournament where we will have lots of matches spread over two days and it may prove extra challenging for the boys.
“By coming up against different teams with different coaching styles this will be a challenge for both the boys and coaches.
“All of these challenges will help to assist with our ongoing development.”
And it’s not just the boys who’ll take a lot from the experience; travelling down to the state-of-the-art St George’s Park facilities - which features 12 world-class training pitches and plays host to all 28 England international teams - is something even the adults are excited for. Brighton said:
“Us coaches are looking forward to being a small part of the UK Cup 2020 and having the chance to play at and visit a great footballing theatre with lots of other football minded people.”
Syngenta are a club used to success. In fact, at the Easter tournaments this year their 2004 side returned from Holland victorious.
Can the 2011 side emulate their achievement? Brighton is just hopeful his side enjoy the experience:
“In regard to how we do in the tournament our primary goal is to enjoy ourselves,” he said. “To play with a smile on our faces; be respectful to all other players, coaches and watching family members; and to try and play football in the correct manner.
“Regarding winning the tournament – we’re from Scotland, so we’re just happy to have made it to a major tournament for once!”
If your side fancies joining Syngenta at the UK International Cup next year, then visit https://www.eurotournaments.co.uk/uk for more information and details on how to get involved.

Liam Dickson | YFS Central Region Journalist

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