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PLAYER PROFILE - Rachel Howie set for New Challenge

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(Photos courtesy of Ian Steele Photography)
Former Hamilton Accies Women's player Rachel Howie has left the club after nine years of playing. Now the 19-year-old is back playing again, this time at Gartcairn Women FC.
We caught up with Rachel prior to that move for a quick Q&A about her career so far:
Q: What age did you join Hamilton Accies?

RH: I joined Hamilton on my ninth birthday

Q: Has anyone else in your family went professional or been professional before you?

RH: My whole family enjoy football and have all played sports but no one has ever went professional with it

Q:When did you realise football was more than just a passion?

R: I always loved football. My grandad has taken me to games for longer than I can remember. It’s always been a passion I guess, there’s nothing I like more than playing football.

Q: How did you get scouted for Hamilton Accies?

RH: I used to play in school competitions with my primary and my friend at the time suggested that I should come along and play for hamilton. A few weeks later I went to training and joined in with the U9's team. I joined on my birthday so my family bought me new football boots and sports stuff, it was really special!
Q: Did it take you a long time to decide to join the club?

RH: Not at all, I loved it from the first session and couldn’t wait to go back
Q: What was your first appearance with the club?

RH: (If your talking about first team appearance then) I made my first appearance in July 2015 against Glasgow City at Airdrie stadium. It was an unreal experience playing against internationalists at the age of 15. Even though the result didn’t go our way, it was great to get minutes in that kind of environment
Q: Most memorable moment?

RH: Probably going to Alkmaar and Amsterdam with the U17’s team. It was a great experience to play against different clubs in a different climate, it really tested us.
Q: What were your reasons for leaving?

RH: Unfortunately the 23’s league folded. When this happened I knew I would either need to leave or try earn a place in the first team. I wanted to stay at Hamilton more than anything but sadly it wasn’t meant to be and I wish all the girls and coaching staff the best of luck for next season!
Q: If there is one lesson you have learnt over your ten years at the club what would it be?

RH: I guess I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I didn’t think I’d be at Hamilton for my whole career but I also didn’t think I’d be leaving as soon as this. I love the club and all the girls so it’s sad that I won’t be able to play with them all again next season as we had a really good bond.
Q: Did you have a strong relationship with your team and were you nervous at the beginning?

RH: I feel like I’ve had a really good connection with all the girls I’ve played with. Especially over the last few years moving up to play senior football, I feel we’ve all really came together and became close friends. I also had a good relationship with the first team which made it easier going up and training with them.
Q: Biggest achievement at the club?

RH: Probably winning my first individual award this year, that’s my first award for Hamilton. It meant a lot as I knew it could be my last time with all the girls so that topped off a good night.

Q: What are you going on to do now that you have left?

RH: I’ve had interest from a few clubs so I’ll probably go and train with them in January and see where that takes me. I just want to be back playing football as soon as possible.
Q: It must take dedication and drive to be at a club for more than 10 years, what have you loved the most?

RH: I loved everything about Hamilton, my team mates and all the coaches. It was such a special club to be apart of for so long and I wish them every success in the future. Hopefully I might even be back one day, you never know where football can take you.
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