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Mid Season Interview: Adam Barton of Dalziel BC

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1. Name: 
Adam Barton.
2. Team and age group:
Dalziel BC Under 14's
3. Sum up your season so far in one sentence:
Our season is going great - we are unbeaten so far in the league.
4. What has been the low point?:
Probably the Scottish Cup, where we only made the third round before being knocked out.
5. What has been the high point?:
Our excellent league form has brought about plenty of great performances, it's hard to pick one.
6. Which player from your squad has improved the most from the previous season?:
I think our centre back Connor Nisbet has improved the most, since he has moved into the middle of defence instead of right back.
7. What are your team's goals for the second half of 2013/14?:
We discussed this as a team and our goals are to win the C League and try to continue out unbeaten streak and play to our potential.
8. What are your personal goals for football in the calendar year 2014?:
My personal goals for this season is to get top goalscorer, as I have 24 goals in 11 games, and to help the team towards promotion as much as I can.
9. Funniest story from season 2013/14 so far?:
The funniest moment this season was when we were at a tournament in Ayr and Connor hid in a bin to scare someone and Tom went to put something in the bin and Connor jumped out to scare him and the bin fell with him in it, haha.
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