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Cup Final Packages 2018

Cup final season is here and YFS is keen to provide coverage to as many as possible. If you have been directed to this page, your team has a cup final coming up. We know the lead up to a cup final is a stressful time for coaches and team secretaries, so we're offering a fantastic souvenir package directly to parents, to take the hassle away.
The packages on offer are up to 50% OFF post-match prices!
The discounted packages are as follows:
Bronze (£12) - Match DVD (full game, presentation and interviews).
Silver (£18) - Match DVD, glossy team photo print (6'x4') & team photo keyring.
Gold (£28) - Match DVD x 2, boarded frame team photo print (8'x6') and keyring with team photo.
*Packages are only available to pre-order, post-match sales are charged at normal rates.
We know cup finals don't always go the way you hope, so offer our very own insurance policy. Any Match DVD pre-ordered can be exchanged for the photo of your choice as a 8'x6' boarded print - containing either the pre-match team photo or the photo of your choice from the YFS archives. 
Discounted packages can be purchased below. Any questions you may have, please contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Upcoming Cup Finals 2017/18
Cup Final Packages Available
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Previous Cup Finals 2017/18 - June 2018
Full Match DVD
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Previous Cup Finals 2017/18 - 11th May - 31st May

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Previous Cup Finals 2017/18 - 10th May & earlier
Previous Cup Finals 2017/18
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