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Donside overcome Musselburgh Windsor in Scottish Cup classic

Musselburgh Windsor 3

Wood 1, Knox 17,43

Donside Girls 4

Bremner 5, 58, Taylor 18, 38
  • Saturday, 10 November 2018
  • Oriam Performance Centre, Edinburgh
  • 13's Girls
  • SWF Youth Cup Final

Donside Girls were victorious in the Under 13s cup after defeating Musselburgh Windsor in a highly entertaining final that saw seven goals, three equalisers, and some fine football. Played in an amiable and ambitious spirit, this was a grand game for the occasion.

Events got off to a swift start. From the kick off, Windsor headed towards goal, with Rosie Livingstone sidestepping a couple of defenders and taking a shot. Despite keeper Aimee Black keeping the ball out, Megan Wood was in a crowd of players to toe home the rebound. 14 seconds had elapsed.

It was a lead that lasted only five minutes. Donside did not let the slow start discourage their intentions, and a Rachel Bain shot was cleared straight to the feet of Becky Bremner a couple of yards out. That was 1-1, and the game was ready to begin again.

Donside’s primary attacking weapons were Bremner and captain Demi Taylor, who was the dominant midfield player of the day. Repeatedly Taylor came forward to support forward thrusts, and her left foot provided any shots with significant thump. Several times in the half she would open up an angle for strikes, all of which caused consternation for her opponents.

At the other end, Musselburgh have a gifted player in Livingstone. Coupled with close control, she repeatedly showed uncommon intelligence: playing balls off shins to earn throw ins; laying into space for runners; touching the ball around the defender and running the other, putting the defence into a spin. Donside’s Darcie Miller is a strong defender, and their battle was intriguing.

Livingstone’s assist for Windsor’s second, scored in the 17th minute, illustrated her level was above the norm. With two defenders closing in, she scooped the ball over the centre back for a running Sarah Knox. Knox could have taken the ball in further, but instead rolled it into the bottom left hand corner.

But again the lead was short-lived, as a minute later Bremner and Taylor combined to catalyse parity. Taylor ran at the heart of Windsor’s defence before laying it left to Bremner. Her shot was saved, but the rebound fell centrally for Taylor to place into the exposed net.

As the half closed, Livingstone twice went close to putting Musselburgh back in front. One run had her round a defender, then the keeper, before a sliding Miller denied a tap in. A second effort saw her hit the outside of the post. It had been quite a half.

  • Half Time:
  • Musselburgh Windsor
  • 2-2
  • Donside Girls

The second began as the first had both begun and ended, with Livingstone weaving her way to a shot that Black parried to the left. Yet Donside, thanks to their midfield, were beginning to wrestle some superiority. This paid off in the 38th minute when Taylor dropped her shoulder, lined up another left footer, and melted the ball into the net.

Musselburgh were, for the first time, the team needing to respond. They too did so quickly. In the 13th minute Livingstone was on the right wing, where she shimmied past her fullback and arrived at the goal line. Cutting in, she poked at goal. The rebound fell for Knox, who knocked in for 3-3.

As time ticked on, and Taylor had a couple more tries, the game gathered a genuine sense of tension, with one goal likely to solve the stalemate. It almost came for Windsor’s Seren McCulloch who was left alone four yards out at a throw in. Her effort got past Black, but not the desperate defence by Millar.

Then, with two minutes left, Donside broke Windsor’s collective heart. Taylor played the ball forward to Bremner, a willing runner all game. One-on-one with the last defender, she stepped left, into space. The shot cut back across the keeper crept into the bottom right, and Donside were jubilant.

This time there was no time for a comeback. A Knox free kick from distance just cleared the bar, and there would be no more. A wonderful game in which several players shone ended. For Donside, it ended gloriously. 

  • Full Time:
  • Musselburgh Windsor
  • 3-4
  • Donside Girls


Musselburgh Windsor
Donside Girls
1. Shakira Law
4. Sarah Knox (c)
5. Seren McCulloch
7. Rosie Livingstone
8. Megan Wood
9. Mia Brotherston
14. Estelle Telford

2. Loia Drybrough
3. Sophie Brown
6. Inez Balkie
10. Niamh Woodrow
11. Molly Allen
12. Skye Feeley
1. Aimee Black
2. Holly Daniel
6. Darcie Miller
7. Becky Bremner
11. Rachel Bain
15. Matilda Storey
17. Demi Taylor (c)

3. Caitlin Harper
5. Chloe Ogg
8. Kirsty Rennie
9. Lucy Taylor
10. Michaela Ferdinando
21. Kerin MacKenzie
Star Player
Musselburgh Windsor
Donside Girls
Magic Moment
Musselburgh Windsor
Donside Girls
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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