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Glenbrae complete comeback in shootout to head for last eight

Lochend FA 2

Bannerman 17, Barry 27

Glenbrae Colts 2

Bradley 49, Patterson 70
  • 2-2 (Glenbrae win 3-1 on penalties)

Glenbrae Colts have a date with the quarter-finals of the Inspiresport Scottish Cup after a penalty shootout success edged them past Lochend in Edinburgh. Minutes from being eliminated in normal time, a Sonny Patterson goal brought the Paisley club to 2-2 and the chance to keep their cup run going.

The match was heavily influenced by a miserable northerly wind that blew straight down the pitch. This favoured Lochend in the first half, who found great success in having striker Jamie Bannerman play on the last man. As Glenbrae struggled to judge clearances and bounces, Bannerman frequently had them scrambling.

Colts’ did provide their opponents and the elements some resistance, and had either a Sam Hunter pass found Brogan Bradley breaking from midfield, or Bradley’s cross not located keeper Kieran Wood’s fingertips, they could have led. That honour, however, went to Lochend in the 17th minute thanks to a wind-assisted error: Jay Bett came to the edge of his box to claim a clearance from his opposite number, only to have it bounce up through his gloves. Bannerman duly rolled the ball into the empty net.

Lochend’s second, ten minutes later, was considerably more attractive. A pass from midfield revealed a gap between Glenbrae’s defenders, and Athan Barry was away. Despite a man coming back, Barry kept calm. Delaying the shot as the defender went to ground, he moved to his right before passing into the bottom left.

Two chances before the break for Colts did not bring a goal. First, Alex Clark hit a free kick centimetres over. Then neat wing play by Hunter fed Steven Cardy, who laid back to Lewis Kenmore eight yards from goal and with keeper Wood now out of position. The covering defenders ensured Lochend remained intact as the whistle went for half-time.  

This was to be the proverbial game of two halves, for now Glenbrae had the wind and a chase. Accordingly, they started like a boxer behind in the 12th, with three strong shots inside four minutes: a Hunter lob from outside the box (over); a Clark drive from 20 yards (over and wide); and a Matthew Macdonald connection on a cross (wide).

These were soon followed by a pair of free kicks, the first of which was particularly close as Bradley dinked it off the top of the crossbar. Yet having survived those, and the next six minutes, Lochend finally cracked. A third free kick, on the right touchline, was swung in by Bradley. It bypassed the mass at the front post and, with Cardy and Clark in close attendance, found the net. Whether Cardy had touched the ball was not immediately obvious, but either way 49 minutes had gone and the lead was halved.

Glenbrae could have been level in the 57th minute when Macdonald, greatly troubling Lochend’s back line, finished a nice move by stabbing past the keeper. However, Wood’s hand did enough to slow the shot and Sam Mackie cleared off the line. Relieved, Lochend found further encouragement when a Bannerman shot from 20 yards resulted in diving parry by Bett.

It seemed to be Lochend’s day, and more so in a frantic finish when Cardy headed over from three yards. But, with 69 minutes on the clock and keeper Bett up to assist, Bradley sent over another corner from the right. Cardy won his back post header, putting it across goal. Standing alone and two yards out, Patterson got his temple on the ball for the heroic late equaliser.

Extra time began under beautiful purple dusk skies and, soon, the floodlights.

The wind, so long a factor, seemed to calm, and with it the football became more balanced. Bannerman nearly rounded the keeper in the first half, and teammates Georgios Kavoussanakis and Riley Haston both had good efforts, the latter from a free kick.

For Colts, Bradley almost scored direct from a corner - Wood clawing the ball away - and Hunter made sweet contact with his left but hit it straight at the keeper.

None went in, and thus the tie was to penalties, where Glenbrae could hit the target and Lochend could not. Each keeper made one save, but as Lochend found the net, post and sky with their others, Glenbrae simply scored. That, after all that had gone before, was the difference. This slim margin means Colts will play in the next round.

Final Result: 2-2 (Glenbrae win 3-1 on penalties)


Lochend FA
Glenbrae Colts
1. Kieran Wood
3. Leo Murray
4. Jordan Fenton (c)
5. Athan Barry
6. Georgios Kavoussanakis
7. Joshua Francey
8. David Malloy
9. Jamie Bannerman
10. Sam Mackie
11. Riley Haston
12. Jake Morrison
13. Dylan McKellar
15. Ethan Manson
16. Lewis Neill
1. Jay Bett
2. Sean Howell
3. Alex Clark
4. Oliver Boyle
6. Lewis Kenmore
7. Josh Markie
8. Ciaran McMahon
9. Sam Hunter (c)
10. Sonny Patterson
12. Brogan Bradley
14. Aiden Gallagher
15. Steven Cardy
18. Craig Mason
19. Matthew Macdonald
Star Player
Lochend FA
Glenbrae Colts
Jamie Bannerman: With the wind giving clearances great heft, playing on the last defender was common sense. That it worked so well for Lochend in the first half was Bannerman’s achievement: frequently defenders were back-pedalling or facing their own goal as a ball sailed on, burdened further by the striker hunting them down. The second-half required him to play deeper but Bannerman was always a threat and deserved his goal.
Sam Hunter: Operating on the right side of the pitch, Hunter grew into the game. Early combinations with Cardy hinted promise, and later he managed to get stronger bolts into proceedings to provide better structure. Taking passes from Howell behind him, or Kenmore and Cardy inside, Hunter mixed his play between taking on the fullback or working with his forwards. This calm position-and-pass style helped wrestle the game from Lochend and the gale.
Magic Moment
Lochend FA
Glenbrae Colts
Barry took his goal - Lochend’s second - calmly. The defence having parted for him, bar one desperately covering man, meant it was certainly a wonderful chance; yet to send that defender to ground with a faked shot, and then slide the ball into the net, was no easy task.
Last gasp goals to obtain a result are golden moments in football. With keeper Bett arriving as additional infantry, Glenbrae’s corner from the right was one final push at resuscitating their cup run. That two touches later they had done it gives credence to the adage ‘never give up’.

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