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Temporary Extra Halls for Social Distancing During School Competitions

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COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways. All sectors have already felt the heat with schools being the most affected. First, these institutions that accommodate learning kids and teens were forced to close doors since March this year. But after much deliberation, many countries are thinking of reopening schools and allowing students to continue with their studies. Apart from classroom learning, school competitions such as sports, debates, and practical projects will still have to go on since they are in the curriculum.

Governments have already set school reopening measure that includes handwashing, monitoring of kids' health, and social distancing as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus in schools. For instance, the UK schools have plans to reopen before summer ends and all learning institutions have to adhere to the set guidelines. 

Extra Temporary Classrooms

The priority for all UK schools in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world is to have extra classrooms. Students will use most of their limited time in school learning. Hence, there is a rush to make temporary classrooms since they are affordable. 

Fortunately, experienced temporary structure providers such as Smart Space companies in the UK have numerous turnkey solutions for any school. Their temporary classrooms can be built almost anywhere because they can fit in any space including hidden and hard to reach corners. 

Schools that have embraced the use of temporary classrooms should consider the following facilities to ensure that social distance is maintained and pupils are safe:

• Enough space - The main reason to go for this option is to create more space for social distancing. The minimum distance from one desk to the other is 1.5 meters. It’s no wonder why it is now called the 1.5-meter economy. There is no compromise.
• Glass boundaries - Although it seems like a lot of work, it is better to install a glass boundary or protector right in front of every desk. Students and pupils, especially the young ones, might need to interact with their friends when borrowing items from each other, and this will stop the spread of the virus. 

Extra Temporary Halls for Competitions

Apart from temporary classrooms, which are crucial to curb the spread of the virus in UK schools or any other part of the world, there is a need for extra temporary halls for competition. Schools cannot completely scrap sports and other competitions that are done in halls. 

Again, Smart Space experts are the best in this. They have a variety of options when it comes to materials for frames, covers, flooring, and other amenities in the halls. What schools need to know is that the budget also varies depending on the factors that we have mentioned. The custom-made solutions from Smart Space are better than the modular option because they will be made to suit the current needs of the school. Hence, it is better to visit the official website and give them a call to discuss this further. 

Since it might be difficult to have halls that accommodate all students at once while maintaining social distance, teachers can subdivide the students into small groups for a variety of competitions. For instance, indoor sports should only be attended by the players and a small audience that is following the set social distance guidelines. 

These temporary halls should have enough ventilation to allow the free circulation of air at all times. The providers of these halls will further advise on other ways that these halls can lower the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Other Structures to Promote Social Distance in Schools

Apart from classrooms and competition halls, schools must also think about extra space for the library, laboratories, and dining areas if these will be used. Social distance is necessary to avoid putting students at risk. If the budget is tight, some of the competition halls can be converted for other uses. However, libraries need to be expanded, and again, Smart Space knows how to go about this. They can expand any library, even ones with hard to reach spaces. 


It is clear that temporary structures are the best solutions to increase space in schools. Whether your school is looking for extra classrooms or a package that entails competition halls and libraries, these structures are the best for you. Talk to the experts today to comply with social distance guidelines for schools.

Last modified on Monday, 13 July 2020 14:38
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