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Sunday, 01 April 2012 23:40

Resurgent Accies fall short against Glasgow Girls

Written by  Colette Carr
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Hamilton Accies Girls Under 15s
Glasgow Girls FC Under 15s
Competition: SWF Central/West Region
Venue: Jock Stein Centre
Date: 31/03/2012
Author: Colette Carr of
By full-time on Saturday at the Jock Stein pitches it was agreed by both coaches that the final score line perhaps wasn’t fair.  The meeting proved to be a game of two halves, with the Glasgow side dominating the first half and the hosts coming into the game looking like winners in the second.  While Hamilton coach Wullie Brown admitted he was “disappointed” and it “was not a fair result”, Jim Strathdee of Glasgow Girls stated that, if there had been more time, he was “confident Hamilton would have won the match”.
With the game ending in a loss for Hamilton, it was disappointment for Accies, and a near escape for Glasgow Girls. 
Glasgow’s start to the game looked promising, but it came at a cost for Hamilton, as on five minutes, Sophie Mason’s attempt to shut down a Glasgow breakthrough saw her injure her shoulder in the follow through, damaging Hamilton’s already struggling back line. 
It only took ten minutes of play for Glasgow’s Gemma Herd to grab the advantage, after a fumble in the box allowed her to find the ball at her left foot, her curving strike bounding to the top right of Megan Ramsey’s goal.  The Glasgow Girls side pressed harder after their early lead, a moment later Kayleigh Docherty’s one on one with keeper Ramsey being ruled offside.  Accies felt the brunt of the force of the visitors, constantly finding themselves second to the ball and missing their challenges. 
Eventually, the home side got a glimpse of the ball, Helena Montague’s soaring cross failing to meet any of her teammates.  A lack of support up front for Hamilton became apparent, but on the 22nd minute, Hamilton’s first attempt on goal was disallowed for offside. 
Glasgow found a two goal cushion out of what seemed like nothing, Marcia McKay picking up a poor by kick from the Hamilton keeper, and sending the ball towards the open goal, bouncing high before planting itself in the middle of the net.  Inspired by the simplicity of the second, Glasgow launched a blitz towards Accies’ goal, Ainslie Reid’s effort coming closest, bouncing off the post.  
Hamilton reacted hastily, as a quick knock to Helena Montague on the halfway line resulted in a wayward strike from Montague going way off target.  Four minutes from time however, Sam MacMillan for Hamilton had the best strike of the period, turning into goal swerving the ball just over the crossbar. 
Half Time: Hamilton Accies Girls Under 15s 0-2 Glasgow Girls FC Under 15s
At halftime, Accies coach Wullie Brown claimed the game had been “very scrappy, it’s not been happening for us up front, we’re lacking, but we expected this, we’ve just made some changes to try and overcome this, changing the front two to Ashley Love and Rhiannan Brown.” 
A moment into the second thirty five of the match, Glasgow’s intent to carry on as they left off became known to Hamilton as Demi Scott unleashed a bullet which Megan Ramsey did well to get her body behind and keep the score at two nil.  Glasgow’s inevitable third goal did come from Kayleigh Docherty five minutes later, an unstoppable shot to the top corner.  
With three goals down and time for Glasgow to put away more, Hamilton drove forward much more, taking their time and looking for passes rather than launching any ball on the first touch.  Their newfound composure paid off, as an easy ball into the box from Helena Montague allowed Shauna Flynne to place the ball into the low right hand side of goal, taking the score to three one after forty five minutes.  
Coming much more into the game now, Hamilton took confidence from Shauna’s goal, and for the next ten, Accies raised their game with efforts from Helena Montague, Ashley Love, and Rhiannan Brown.  Montague’s rocket from forty yards inched just past the post, as Ashley Love’s shot from in front of goal curled over the bar, showing that they had goals in them, just not yet the finishes.  However, the best chance of the ten minutes came from Rhiannan Brown, as three Hamilton attackers took on one defender before Rihannan’s attempt was parried by the keeper.   
With Accies’ attack on goal becoming stronger and more frequent, ten minutes from time, Rhiannan Brown raised the game as her lovely low diagonal daisy cutter of a strike burst the net, the rejuvenated hosts trailing now by only one goal.
Despite Hamilton’s recent commanding and dictating of the game,  they conceded a corner on the 68th minute, seeing a killer overhead kick saved well by keeper Megan Ramsey, before Hamilton restarted their search for an equaliser, before the whistle ended the game at three two Glasgow Girls.  
Hamilton coach Wullie Brown commented at fulltime, saying he felt his side could have played better.
He said: “I’m disappointed, it wasn’t a fair result, we were lacking up front, but our second half twosome of Ashley and Rhiannan had a shape whereas in the first, there was no shape at all. 
"At the back we need to stand up and control more, at times we lacked composure, we’d have one touch and the ball would be fired up the park. 
"Our second half performance was far better, but disappointed at the result."
Glasgow coach Jim Strathdee explained: “First half we were stronger, physically, second half all credit to Hamilton they were the better team, we could’ve lost four three easily, I thought they were fitter, and if there had been another ten minutes, I’m confident Hamilton would have won the match.” 
Despite their inspired second half performance, Hamilton couldn’t do enough to grab a share of the points, however their display pulled a three nil defeat to a respectable score line, and although Glasgow Girls won, they can learn from experience that while they may be three nil up, the game is never finished. 
Hamilton Accies:  Clare Campbell, Colette D’Ambrosio, Kathleen Toolan, Darcy Molley, Megan Ramsey, Sophie Mason,  Helena Montague, Samantha MacMillan, Caitlin Kelly, Alana McBrearty, Rhiannan Brown, Laura Gallon, Olivia MacMahon, Ashley Love, Shauna Flynne 
Glasgow Girls:  Hollie Moran, Emma Steven, Leanne Anderson, Gemma Herd, Sonni Newsome, Vicky Collins, Demi Scott, Toni McKay, Kayleigh Docherty, Ainsley Reid, Shannon Percy, Marcia McKay, Caitlin McKenna, Lisa Ballard, Megan Murray
Full Time: Hamilton Accies Girls Under 15s 2-3 Glasgow Girls FC Under 15s
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