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The chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League, and UCFB advisor Neil Doncaster, has laid out his three top tips to succeed when working in the football and sports industry.
Doncaster, who also runs a unique management training programme at the institution’s London campus, which features Wembley Stadium at its heart, had this to say when UCFB asked him for his top tips:
Build your network
The former Norwich City chief executive said: “You cannot have enough contacts in the game. Ultimately, they’re the people who can provide opportunities for you.”
Work hard
Doncaster added: “It goes without saying, but I as an employer want to see people coming in with enthusiasm and a desire to work.”
Finally, the SPFL boss said: “This is absolutely crucial. If you really want something enough, then you should achieve it. It’s a competitive and difficult world, but there are opportunities for those who keep working, keep going and never give up. Those are the people who succeed in the end.”
For more information on UCFB, visit www.ucfb.com.
Thursday, 30 November 2017 09:47

UCFB and the SPFL join forces

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UCFB’s unique links with the football and sport industry grants students access to some of the biggest organisations in the industry, including the Scottish Professional Football League.
It’s not just Brendan Rodgers and Celtic making waves north of the border… UCFB students are also making a name for themselves at the SPFL.
The organisation’s chief executive Neil Doncaster has been a keen supporter of UCFB in recent years and is a member of the institution’s Employment & Enrichment Panel, regularly hosting workshops with students on the various facets of management and leadership in sport.
Always keen to promote young talent, Doncaster and the SPFL have employed a number of UCFB students on a work placement basis in recent years across various aspects of the business.
Most recently was Matthew Lang who spent time at the famous Hampden Park in Glasgow within the media and marketing team. As part of his role Matthew sat in on meetings making suggestions on how to raise the profile of the Scottish game. He also shadowed Doncaster and was able to see first-hand the day-to-day of a top level professional in the football industry.
Ross McDonald, digital manager at the SPFL: “Students from UCFB are always enthusiastic and keen to learn. We allow them to shadow us within the office environment in order to give them a feel for what it is like working for a governing body within Scottish football.”
Doncaster added: “The industry needs graduates with these qualifications and work-based experience as a way of both improving best practice and standardisation across the football business and associated industries.”
To find out more, please visit www.ucfb.com 
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 13:49

COMPETITION: Win Macron Kit for your school team!

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We have teamed up with Colin Campbell Sports to offer one lucky school the chance to win a full set of Macron kit for their school football team with £320! All you need to do to enter is fill out your details via the form below and like the Colin Campbell Sports Facebook page by Clicking Here. Closing date for entries is 25/09/2017, Finalists announced 26/09/2017 - good luck!
Colin Campbell Sports School Football Kit
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For over twenty years Challenger Sports and British Soccer, has given football coaches from the United Kingdom and Ireland the chance to travel, coach, and be a part of the soccer explosion in the US and Canada. You do not need to be an experienced coach to apply - there are opportunities to suit all levels.
Better yet, not only does this give coaches the experience of a lifetime, it can also lead to a potential full time career in football in the USA.
Visit the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, all whilst coaching the best sport in the world!
The Scottish recruitment days in 2017/18 are:
Edinburgh - 9th February 2018 | 1-5pm
Dundee - 11th February 2018 | 11.30am - 3.30pm
Watch snapshot video:
So, how does Challenger Sports work? Here is all the information below that you'll need.
To register your interest in coaching in the States with Challenger Sports, fill out the form below and one of the team will get in touch with you. Please note you must be 18 or over by 31st May 2018. If you are selected for a recruitment event you will be asked to pay a £50 deposit in advance. If you are not selected for summer 2018, this will be refunded. 
Name (*)

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Please describe why you would be a suitable candidate for Challenger Sports USA (*)

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I am aware that if invited to a recruitment day, I will be required to place a £50 deposit, refundable if I am not given the chance to coach in the USA. (*)

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Saturday, 02 September 2017 14:48

Why We Need a Scottish Fantasy Football League

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Fantasy football is a big deal. You only need to type the phrase into Google and you will see just how big it is, and how many different fantasy football sites there are out there.
However, what you will notice is the lack of a Scottish fantasy football league. That’s a shame, because while it isn’t as huge as the EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga, the Scottish Premiership is one of the most exciting football leagues out there. It’s utterly action packed and there’s rarely a dull moment - wouldn’t you agree?
It’s high time a Scottish fantasy football league was launched. We’ve listed the reasons we think it would be of great benefit!
Some Great Reasons For a Scottish Fantasy Football League
1 - It Would Put the Scottish League In the Spotlight
We said above that the SPFL is one of the most exciting leagues out there, and we stand by that statement.
With bitter rivalries, fast-paced games and passionate fans, the Scottish Premiership is a little gem waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world.
A Scottish fantasy football league would bring a lot of awareness to what’s on offer from players around the world. Since fantasy football is so popular to begin with, there’s no doubt people from all over Europe and beyond would jump in and begin playing for fun.
In the process, they would learn a lot about the league, which leads us to our next point.
2 - That Awareness Would Improve the League Itself
When people from around the world start playing fantasy football, they might naturally become curious about who some of the players are, and about the teams with rich histories and passionate fans they are learning about through the fantasy leagues.
This would likely lead them to start following the SPFL closer, and perhaps watching games. More viewers and supporters means more revenue and bigger clubs, which in turn would allow teams to purchase bigger, better players.
Overall, the more interest there is in the Scottish Premiership, the more money will flow into the pockets of Scottish clubs. This can only improve the quality of the football we witness all year round.
A fantasy league would be a great way to grow the league itself and create lots of new supporters.
3 - Because It Would Be Super Fun
While playing any fantasy football league is fun, there’s something extra special about one based on the home teams and players.
If you’re Scottish, you have to admit a Scottish fantasy league would be extra fun. It would also give Scots an advantage, since we naturally know more about it than others from around the world would.
It’s almost a sure thing a Scots lad (or lassy) would be crowned King (or Queen) in the first Scottish fantasy league, and a heck of a lot of others would have great fun along the way.
Fun is a good enough reasons to do almost anything in our opinion.
4 - There Would be a Lot of Footy Lessons Learned
Since the topic of this site is football, we can assume you have at least some interest in playing the game.
Watching the SPFL closely through a fantasy league would cause you to spot things you wouldn’t by just watching casually. For example, you might spot weaknesses in a certain team’s defence, and then realize they also apply to your own team. This could be a valuable lesson and could help you improve performance.
Not only this, but following the game closely would improve your own football performance. Putting on the manager’s cap and running your own fantasy team gives you great insight into football and how it works. Valuable lessons can be learned here.
Sure, you can learn these lessons in any fantasy football league, but combined with the other reasons above, it’s another great reason to have a Scottish specific one.
5 - You Could Meet New Friends Locally
This is one of the best bits of fantasy football of any kind - there’s a huge social element behind it.
While some of the bigger fantasy football leagues based on the EPL have participants from all around the world, a Scottish league would likely involve lots of locals, giving you an opportunity to create new connections and make new friends with similar interests.
In some big cities it is even common for fantasy football players to meet up and socialize with each other. A Scottish league would help weave together the Scottish footy enthusiasts and would build up a community.
If you already have enough friends and aren’t so keen on the idea of making new ones, this would be something super cool to do with your existing friends, too.
It’s something to have a chin wag about, if nothing else!
6 - You Develop New Skills & Get Smarter
We sort of touched on this in one of the other points, but putting the manager’s cap on has many benefits. You can develop some great skills which will help you out in other areas of your life, such as:
●     Decision making
●     Weighing up pros and cons
●     Judging risks
●     Thinking strategically
Who said games were a waste of time? These are genuine life skills lots of people lack, and you will have an advantage over these people if you develop them.
There are enough reasons here to give a Scottish fantasy football league a shot!
There are probably even more reasons we haven’t considered, but what we have listed here is enough to get it started.
The Scottish Football League is fantastic, and it’s high time it was recognized with a fantasy football league of its own. Get on it SPFL!
Do you agree? Would you like to see this? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
Youth Football Scotland's partners, Trans World Educational Experiences, has an exciting new full time employment opportunity at their Edinburgh office.
Trans World Educational Experiences creates sports journeys that excite and inspire young minds. Our tailor-made sports-education experiences provide a global-perspective, complement and enrich the curriculum, and leave a lasting impact on participants’ future development.
We use sport as a universal language to give children of all ages and abilities access to world class travel experiences - touring the iconic stadiums; training with professional coaches; playing in the biggest tournaments; and watching live sport. We are now looking for an outstanding person to join our team and deliver our offering to domestic and international markets. 
Trans World Educational Experiences is one of the leading Sports Tour providers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East markets. We are a people business - preserving the quality of our staff and our tours to ensure we are living our values in everything we do are of upmost importance as we scale. A Customer Journey & Operations Assistant is one of the most important roles in the company, not only will you interact with the customers on a daily basis, you will be responsible for building and booking programmes.
To provide support to the customer journey process
To support the Operations Executive on the booking of domestic and international Experiences delivered in the UK
To support the Customer Journey Executive on execution of the company sales and marketing strategy
Play an active role in business development
Provide support to help manage the enquiries help desk
Involvement in the delivery of all Experiences across the UK, Europe and UAE
Manage supplier relationships
Active role in the sales process of Experiences to domestic and international school and clubs
Create Tour itineraries and provide pricing information
Transfer information from internal systems to customer facing collateral
Handling of bookings and payment systems
Marketing, customer account management support and general social media engagement
For a full application pack click here.
Brand new World of Football Centre in Edinburgh
In late August of 2017, World of Football will be opening their brand new state of the art centre at Marine Drive in North Edinburgh. Before the doors are officially opened, World of Football are looking for two teams to play the first ever official match at the spectacular new facility, and YFS is teaming up with World of Football to offer that chance to youth teams across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife. The match will also be covered by the YFS TV cameras, with highlights and photos featured on the website. (Flexible timing throughout the day, so don't worry if you have a game that day)
Check out the new facility by watching the video below:
To enter the competition, fill out the form below. Enter before Tuesday 15th August at 5pm to be included in the draw!
Full Name(*)
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The Scottish Professional Football League has long been associated with producing some of the best young talents in the world. There are many young players that come through the ranks of Scottish clubs and end up with big-money moves to some of the most illustrious teams in Europe.
Today, we look to the future and see who some of the current rising stars are in Scottish football. Take a look at some of the names on this list, and be sure to watch out for them in the coming months and years.

Rory Currie

At 19 years of age, Rory Currie will definitely be someone to watch for Hearts fans come the start of the new season. He impressed massively in their under-20’s team last year and is starting to develop into a top-class centre-forward. So much so that he already made two first team appearances for Hearts last season.
If you’re a betting man, Rory Currie may well be someone you want to keep on you radar over next season. He’s certainly got the talent to score plenty of goals, and may well be a great bet for Hearts top goalscorer. If you look at some of the best betting offers right now, you could find great value for this bet. It might be worth a little punt as I’m sure his odds will slash after he nets a couple of goals early in the season.  

Ronan Hughes

At a mere 18 years of age, Ronan Hughes is tipped as one of the biggest coming talents from Scottish Professional Football. He’s already made four appearances for Hamilton Academical first team, and it seems like he’ll make a lot more in the coming season.
The boy is a vastly talented midfielder that’s already attracting interest from some big names in the English Premier League, but the Accies seem to be holding onto him! His development has continued on a steady upwards trajectory ever since he played for Accies under 11’s, and there are high hopes this continues.

Liam Burt

Liam Burt is an 18-year-old midfielder with the hopes of a lot of Ranger’s fans weighing on his shoulders. He put in a string of fine performances for their development team and earned himself call-ups to both the Rangers first team and the Scottish National Team U21’s.
Small in stature, but with a very impressive engine and a creative flair, he’s become the name on every die hard Ranger's fans lips. As well as creating goals he can pop up with a few of his own, making him the perfect playmaker for a side that’s looking to rejuvenate itself after a disappointing season.
We’ve mentioned three of the hottest young prospects in Scottish Professional Football, but there are still many more that we couldn’t fit onto our list. Of course, there’s the likes of Celtic starlets Jack Aitchison and Karamoko Dembele, not to mention the highly rated Livingston youngster Matthew Knox.
One thing’s for certain, some of the top clubs in Scottish football have a wealth of young talent at their disposal this year. Hopefully, we see a lot of these young players get the game time they need to prove themselves and set the season alight.
Former Queen Anne High School Pupil, Cameron Shaw, is going to live out his dream as he prepares for a Soccer Scholarship at Northeast Texas Community College.
The versatile right sided midfielder’s talents shone through as he impressed at the Future Pro USA tryouts. Cameron will leave his home in Dunfermline for Texas at the start of August where he will join his new teammates for preseason preparations.
Cameron spent ten years playing with Cairneyhill Athletic before moving onto Rosyth Juniors. However, his fondest memories of playing comes from school football.
"When I was in primary seven at Carnock Primary School we won the Cascarino Cup. This is something that has always stuck with me and something I'm very proud of because we are the only team from my school have ever won it," he said. "When we came back to the school with the cup, everyone welcomed us and they had made confetti like we were on a victory parade. It was such a thrill at that age."
During his scholarship Cameron is also going to be studying in physiology, which he is delighted will also keep him involved in sport.
Cameron is thrilled with the opportunity and can’t wait to get started on his new adventure: “I’ve just always wanted to play football. We went on a family holiday to America a couple of years back and I decided that I would really like to move out here one day. It’s just amazing how the two have linked up and now I’ve got this fantastic chance.
“I just can’t wait to get started now. There is obviously going to be some challenges, like adapting to the heat in Texas. However, I’m going to work hard and really make a go if it when I get out there. I’m just really looking forward to start playing," he said.
The Eagles, Cameron’s new team, play in the NJCAA Region 14 League which covers the state of Texas. The league is highly competitive and Cameron is looking forward to playing at such a high standard.
The Eagles are led by Steven Harrison, who also acts as Athletic Director for the college. Cameron has been very impressed with his new coach.
Cameron said: “Steven is one of the best coaches in the country. He has won titles and awards before so he really knows his stuff. He was the one who really sold it to me and I was happy that he thinks I can play at this level”.
The regular season begins for The Eagles on August 22. They will face off against Eastern Oklahoma State College at their home venue at Mount Pleasant, Texas.
If you are interested in a Scholarship in the USA, sign up for the Assessment Day by Clicking Here.
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 15:32

Online Sports Education course with Gemeg Sport

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Gemeg Education and The University Centre of Doncaster have teamed up to offer a unique online BSc degree in Sport Science and Coaching Football.
The programme will be delivered by the vastly-experienced staff at the University Centre of Doncaster, with support from Gemeg, and is accredited by the University of Hull. The three-year course is the first of its kind to be delivered entirely online and offers students the chance to study from home or abroad.
The course, which will help applicants to gain a stand-out skill set in the workplace, can assist students to gain a career in several areas, such as performance analysis, academy coaching and sports psychology. With modules such as Advanced Football Coaching Practice and Talent Development, the course offers the opportunity of wider career options for aspiring footballers, or perhaps a career in addition to football for part-time players.
Rohan Parmar, Business Development Manager at Gemeg, said: “Initial feedback from our Degree has been extremely encouraging, we have met with a number of Premier League and Football League clubs as well as private academies and non-league clubs, who are all massively excited to offer this to their young players.”
He added: “Young player development is key to any sports franchise both on and off the pitch, and we believe our BSc degree in Sport Science and Coaching Football is the next step in helping clubs to achieve that.”
In addition to formal study, Gemeg have formed a partnership with the University of Valencia, in Spain, which offers students the chance to take their study abroad in second or third year, allowing them to gain experience and knowledge from across Europe. Students who opt to study in Valencia will also have the unique opportunity to train at the excellent La Nucia centre, with local clubs providing the opportunity to expand their knowledge of European football.
For more information, call Rohan on 07887426771, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To register your interest, fill out the form below:
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