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Bright future for Dryburgh Athletic

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• Dryburgh Athletic talk about the benefits of the Scottish FA Quality Mark.
• Interviews with Girls coach, John Beatt and Boys Secretary, Ronnie McCabe.
Dryburgh’s progress has not gone unnoticed and with the developing of the community on and off the pitch, the future is looking bright for this Dundee side. Dryburgh Athletic Girls coach John Beatt told Grassroots: "The girls in my squad at under-15s, they really want to win."
Although winning trophies is the icing on the cake for Beatt, it is not the team's main aim. “It’s about an improvement in their overall ability across the season," he said. 
The secretary of the boys section for Dryburgh Athletic FC, Ronnie McCabe, is in an agreement with this philosophy. 
"The aims are too encourage more players to take part in football,” he said. "Some of the managers still focus on winning games but that’s not the be all and end all of things. It’s about getting kids involved, again, keeping them off the streets, giving them training, giving them things to do during the week and just getting them involved in sports." 
Now that Dryburgh Athletic has gained their Scottish FA Quality Mark they have seen their side become more attractive to outsiders and help improve their togetherness throughout the community. "I think what Quality Mark has done and [what] community clubs have done is bring together kids in certain areas,” said McCabe.
"Going back, kids would jump from team to team. But now we tend to find that a lot of kids come from the same schools. They grow up together, they go from school to club lengths, ‘Fun 4’s’ and stuff, so by the time they’ve grown it’s all their friends that are in the same team as them, they’re from the same area."
It is clear to see that Ronnie McCabe has high praises for the Quality Mark. “It builds that community spirit within them, and I think that’s the main thing for Dryburgh. It lets them come together in an area with a common goal.”
The future is certainly bright for Dryburgh Athletic.

David Kelly | YFS South East Region Journalist
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