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St Murdochs fight tooth and nail to remain undefeated in the DDYFA P. Gibson League

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St Murdochs FC finished top of the P. Gibson League in great fashion, they fought tooth and nail to remain undefeated and we caught up with the manager, Derek Fullerton, to find out how they did it. 
Winning the league with an undefeated performance must have been a great feeling for the squad, all the hard work in training and throughout the games paid off for them. Derek said, "The boys are absolutely ecstatic, especially to have done it undefeated." Maintaning an undefeated record for a whole season is a huge task and the boys pulled it off without a hitch. 
Derek's favourite moment of the season is an obvious choice but you couldn't have expected anything else, he commented, "There have been a lot of great moments but by far the best was earning the 3 points that clinched us the season on April 23rd." Being successful at any age group is a great feeling and achievement but being able to remain undefeated at the competitive under 15s age group is a fantastic accomplishment. 
Despite remaining undefeated they still faced challenges throughout the season, Derek said, "Our second fixture against St Andrews Colts had to have been our biggest challenge. Our first fixture ended in a draw so this game was all to play for." St Murdochs ended the season on 56 points, followed closely by St Andrews Colts at 48 points. The biggest challenge for St Murdochs came against their closest competitors and they managed to come out on top.
Every team has a reason for their success, and St Murdochs success is on another level as they were unbeaten. Derek thinks he knows why they were so successful, "I think that the hard work and determination from the boys, combined with the great attitudes and chemistry gave the boys a positive buzz all season." Being able to stay dedicated and passionate throughout an entire season requires a lot of discipline. The squad must have been on the same page all season and everyone was looking for victiories. Treating each game as the same and never underestimating the other team guaranteed the boys came into every game level headed and with the desire to win.
After a very successful season, it's hard to go any higher but Derek has plans for the team next season, he commented, "We have to keep doing what we are doing in order to compete in the big league next season." St Murdochs are looking forward to playing in the 2001 league and they are hoping to earn themselves another unbeaten, top of the league finish.
Derek had some final comments to add about his team this season, he said, "It has been an absolute pleasure for us, the coaching staff, to have coached and managed these fantastic young men over the years, there has been a lot of ups and downs but I do believe that has made us stronger and has contributed majorly to making us the team that we are today." 
We wish St Murdochs luck in their next season and hope they have the success they are aiming for.  
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