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Website Working Wonders for Maryfield United

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Maryfield United 2005’s co-manager Paul Davidson believes the recent upturn in the club’s fortunes wouldn’t have been possible without the success of their new website.
The 05 team take on Mearns in the Mac Brown Cup Final this Sunday in what will be this squads first cup final – and a chance for the club to win their first silverware in ten years.
And Davidson, who takes charge of the squad alongside his son Jordan, doesn’t think they’d be in this position if they hadn’t been dragged into the 21st Century by their new website:
“A year past Christmas I spoke to the Chairman and told him we’d have to go in a different direction,” he said. “The club was in the dark ages.
“We were too busy chasing up fees and communication was non-existent – there was maybe a wee post on Facebook but it was horrific.
“Now, we’ve got fees on direct debits; have group texts and we are all in a WhatsApp group.
“It was a great start, but I remember thinking – and I didn’t think it would be possible – but I wanted to get a website on the go.
“All the top teams in Scotland have them and it really gets your name out there.”
So, with lots of hard work and plenty of help from parents Kenny Mitchell and Gordan Landsburgh (who are now the site admins), Maryfield launched their brand-new website on January 23rd.  
Built on, not only does the website keep track of results and fixtures, but it automatically updates team and player statistics and (thanks to the tireless efforts of Kenny and Gordan) is chock full of articles, photos and video content - meaning it truly is a one stop resource for all things Maryfield United.
Davidson said: “It was awful at the start.
“As we were getting closer and closer I found myself up until two or three in the morning trying to get the next part done.
“But now we’re getting the benefit of it you appreciate that sometimes a little pain is worth it in the long run.
“We advertised for players last year and got nothing – no phone calls or anything.
“Now, we get calls all the time because of the website because people are seeing what we’re doing.
“If you were a player and you knew you were going to get a video of your goals online and people would be able to watch it then that’s an attraction.
“They can see their name and check their stats; it’s good for their ego.”   
And now Maryfield – a team who have historically been very successful – look set to reap the rewards for the attention their website has generated.
Not only do they have a cup final to look forward to this weekend, but they’re also sitting undefeated at the top of their league and know that four wins from their final nine matches will clinch promotion.
But, as far as Davidson is concerned, the advantages of the website go far beyond results on the pitch:
“One of the main reasons for having a website is keeping people up to date who can’t go to games,” he explained. “Gordon and Kenny are at the side of the pitch and they update things as soon as a goal goes in with the scorer and time – I could be walking about in Spain and within three minutes I’ll have a notification on my phone telling me what’s going on.
“Also, this content will be here forever.
“If I wanted to find photo’s of when I was playing as a boy I’d have to go rummaging through the loft, but if one of these boys want to show their kids their goals in 20 years-time then they can get up the video.”
Davidson takes great pride in the response to the website and reckons other teams could benefit from adopting a similar online presence."
“The feedback we’ve had has been fantastic,” he said. “Most other teams have social media – as we do ourselves – and some even have websites but many of them haven’t been updated in years.
“A lot of people ask us “where do you find the time?” but to be honest, now that we have everything set up and we have people helping we don’t have to worry about these things anymore and we’ve got more time than ever before to focus on the football.
“We’re benefiting from it, so maybe it’s something other teams might look at?”
Maryfield United meet Mearns YFC at North End Park this Sunday at 12pm in the final of the Mac Brown Cup.
To view their brand-new website, click here.

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