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Romance of the grassroots game? For Fair City, it's the perfect marriage.

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Football is the beautiful game. Many children and adults openly confess to having a love affair with the sport, for as long as they'll live. And there's certainly no shortage of romance when it comes to the cup. You've probably heard all of the cliches, however, we may just have embarked on a football love story that makes all others look like a casual fling.
On Saturday 21st September at Murrayshall Hotel in Perthshire, two avid football fans will walk down the aisle. Nothing too unusual about that of course, but we're just getting started. Callum Kay and Danielle Millar, both coaches at Fair City FC Under 13s (2007s), will tie the knot this weekend - with the entire squad in attendance! 
When the group of players was assembling to begin their club football journey, they were in need of a coach. Word was put out and two outstanding candidates came forward. Neither knew of each other, not did they have a kid at the club, but both seemed happy to give up some of their time and share the coaching duties. Their names were Callum and Danielle.
Coaching a group of players who are about to go from primary to high school and progress to 11-a-side football is no mean feat. However, both coaches knuckled down to create great results on the pitch and off it, have created what can only be described as a 'family'. 
A team spokesperson said: "Callum and Danielle are two amazing coaches and a lot more than that to our group of young players. Despite neither having a kid at the club, they dedicate almost of their free time to coach our kids for the love of the game. The whole squad is invited to their big day and if it's possible, they're even more excited than they are for a match."
Rumours that the proposal took place during a pre-match teamtalk or that the team's upcoming trip to the Madrid Cup will be their honeymoon, have been dismissed! However all joking aside, YFS is incredibly happy that two true grassroots heroes have found each other with a little help from a group of 12 year-olds and can't wait to hear all about their big day. 

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