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Aberlady FC take on the Pass It On Challenge

Written by  Angus Blacklock
Aberlady FC's 2011s have become the latest team to attempt the viral "Pass It On" challenge.
With the global pandemic everyone is living through, clubs are experimenting with new ways to keep players active and entertained. The social media challenge has become very popular with different sports passing on many different objects.
To attempt the challenge, each member of the team films themselves receiving the ball from their right and passing it to their left. Then it would be edited to make it look like the whole team were passing the ball to each other.
This helps the players keep active, have fun and have the video to look forward to even during this time of boredom. It motivates the players to get outside and kick a football after maybe not playing since lockdown began. 
It is a way to give the players a smile when they see themselves on their device receiving and passing the ball to all their friends and seeing them again even if it is just on a screen. It's good because it might give some players the bug to get out and practice, to improve their skills in their garden or outdoor space.
In this way once proper games begin again they will be able to keep the standard where it was or even higher. The challenge may also inspire the kids to film themselves again and invent another challenge.
It isn’t just Aberlady doing this challenge, many other clubs, age groups and also sports are doing this challenge and we’d love to see yours! Send your football clips to any of the Youth Football Scotland social media sites.
Michael Drysdale, an Aberlady coach, said: “We did the pass it on challenge in April - it was great for the kids to be able see their friends on screen while they were getting used to lockdown, and hopefully it encouraged one or two of them to get outside with a ball!
:It was suggested by one of the parents, who kindly pulled the whole thing together. They’re missing training and games on Saturday mornings - we had just moved up to seven-a-side - so anything that reminds them that they’re part of a team has to be good I think.”
Duncan Holland, a local parent, said: “It’s been a difficult time for the kids recently, with schools and activities all closed and with no real clarity on when things will return to normal. The cessation of football came just after the kids had played their first ever 7 a side match. 
"While it is great for them to be working on individual skills on their own, the pass-it-on exercise gave them a reason to wear their club strip and reminded them that they are a player on a team, and that they have teammates that will soon be back playing. From a coach’s perspective, it was great to see so many of them outside and kicking a ball with a smile on their faces.”
If you want to try the pass it on challenge, you will need to find someone to pass the football to you and then you have to pass it on to the next player. Someone in your team will have to edit the clips and turn them all into one big video. 
We look forward to seeing your videos.
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