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One on one, with Ryan Winter

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Ryan Winter started his footballing career at Ferry Athletic under nine’s as a midfielder, playing with a team of his friends. But from early on, coaches realised he was going to develop into a great talent. Ryan Winter said “I remember always being looked at by pro clubs but stayed there to be with my mates.”
But, at the age of ten Ryan finally moved to Dundee. “I was playing in a soccer camp run by Dundee, and one day I wasn’t really playing well. My dad was moaning about how I played, but then once we got in the car he turned around to me and said “Well done mate, you’ve been picked up by Dundee.” Ryan was supposed to be playing for the under elevens team, but was moved up to the under twelve’s due to an issue with the coaches. It wasn’t hard for him to settle into the team though. “It wasn’t too bad since I sometimes trained with Dundee, plus some of my mates were playing as well.”
Ryan played with Dundee for five years, and started to turn into a brilliant player. Despite being one of the best players in the team, Ryan was dropped from the team. Before joining the under seventeen Ryan’s coach dropped him from the team believing he was too small to keep playing. “It’s frustrating since the coaches have now said that they regret it, but it was just unlucky.” Ryan’s injuries also plagued him, having problems with his ankle ligaments four times in two seasons.  “It was devastating getting released. I didn’t get over it for a year. They said I was technically one of their best players, but just didn’t feel I was big enough.”
Ryan then moved to Arbroath, but struggled to play to his best ability as Dundee still had a negative effect on him. He was once again released for the same reason of not being big enough. “I was then offered to go to Montrose, but was just too gutted.” So Ryan decided to join his first team, Ferry Athletic, to play with his friends once again. “It was weird going back. The manager didn’t like me that much because I left before. I was even sometimes struggling to get a game, even though I was one of the best players.”
After a season with Ferry, Ryan decided to move to his current team Montrose. Although he was playing at a different standard, he was still fit and playing well. Ryan trialled with the team for two months before eventually signing. “I felt a lot better. It was good to be signed back up by a professional team and to be back on the right track.” Ryan started to play to his full potential once again, and grew a lot within the year.
It was a big chance of pace from Sunday league back to pro youth. “The difference was massive, the training was much better and I was working with coaches and players who were also a lot better. Rather than messing about with mates, it was hard graft. But it was great challenge to play against such good players.”
Ryan came on leaps and bounds, having went from a regular in the under nineteens team, to having playing a few games with the first team and now captaining the under nineteens whilst still being in the first teams sight. Ryan still has his future in mind though. “I am happy at Montrose. Depending on how I fill out I could go on loan. But right now I just want to keep doing well and hopefully become full time.”
If you could have dinner with any three footballers, who would they be?
David Beckham, Nolberto Solano, and the Brazilian Ronaldo.
What is your favourite goal that you have scored?
It was in a school tournament in primary 5, we were in the final at Dens Park and I scored the winner.
What has been your favourite moment in football? Personally or otherwise.
My personal one would be coming on against Dundee with the first team, or Alan Shearers against Everton.
What footballer do you idolise and why?
Paul Scholes, just because he is unbelievable. A complete midfielder.
Halloween is coming up, if you could go as anything what would it be?
A life size Godzilla, or maybe Jesse Pinkman.

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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