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Could The Coronavirus Hurt Youth Player Prospects?

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The spread of the coronavirus had brought the majority of major sporting events to a halt for almost three months, with major football amongst this - it has already been said that this may hurt older players more than younger players in the bigger leagues but it hasn’t really been explored on the impact this may have on youth player prospects. This has been touched on previously away from the impact of the coronavirus as a closer look had been taken at SPFL champs Celtic and their selection process for youth players and how it had had started to take a more international look in recent years, diverging from the previous underlying principle of being a historically Scottish club.
The damaging factor that may hurt youth players the most is the delay in competition - much like the SPFL, the Scottish Youth FA had brought the 19/20 season to a premature close as grassroots also ground to a halt along with the major leagues too, and although the guidance and efforts have been pushed to ensure the youth players could return as soon as possible this delay may have already taken its toll. There are now also growing concerns around the 20/21 league across football as a whole - experts are warning the lockdown measures have been lifted much too early and that we could see a second wave of the virus begin to spread, that leads to a possibility the there could be a delay to the start of the 20/21 season further hurting the prospects of these young players who required play time in order to display their abilities to the bigger clubs.
Although the youth season has drawn to a close there is some good news for football fans as a whole, however, as European football on the larger scale is seeing a return - the Bundesliga is already a few weeks in with La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and the Premier League within the UK all looking to get kicked off within the next two weeks, as fixtures start to go live over the coming week or so non gamstop betting sites at TBC will start to throw odds up and start taking bets as the schedule for football is looking to be extremely packed in the coming weeks to draw the individual seasons to a close by August as the target date.
The next goal in mind as mentioned will be the 20/21 seasons that will look to take place in August depending on when the current seasons are able to be drawn to a close - it will be interesting to see how some of the teams shape up in the leagues that were brought to a close earlier than others, but more importantly whether or not the seasons will get underway at all with the coronavirus still an ongoing threat that could cause further disruptions - if cancellations do come through once again due to a second wave of infection spreading, it could be a devastating blow to youth football and the prospects looking to move up to a different club.
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