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Five young Scots breaking through in England

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  • Five young Scots breaking through in England

James Francis "Jim" Murphy (born 23 August 1967) is a British Labour Party politician and Shadow Secretary of State for Defence. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Renfrewshire since 1997. Until May 2010 he served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Scotland. Prior to this, he served as Minister of State for Europe, from 2007–09, before which he was the Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform, from 2006–07; he held a number of other junior positions in Her Majesty's Government. Jim now captains the House of Commons football team.
A keen football player throughout his youth days, Jim answers five questions on his youth career for YFS...

1. Which clubs did you play for in your youth career?
We grew up in Arden in the south side of Glasgow. My Dad and some of his pals coached Arden Villa. I played right back - I think I only got in the team because my dad was one of the coaches!
We then emmigrated to South Africa where, at the time, football apartheid was still in place. White kids were expected to play rugby or cricket and black kids were expected to play football. Most immigrants played football. There was a mini-world cup tournament involving all the immigrant communities.
I played Sunday football for Scotland - sometimes me, my two brothers and my dad played in the same Scotland team.
2. Who was the best player you played with and against during your youth career?
My brother!
3. Who were your role models as a young player?
Danny McGrain - the Scotland and Celtic Right Back. A real pro. I have got to know him over the years and he is a real decent man.
4. Who was your favourite coach at youth level?
I suppose I would have to say my dad. Nowadays I captain the House of Commons MP team and we have had great coaches including Kenny Dalglish, Geoff Hurst and Lawrie McMenemy.
5. If you had one piece of advice to today’s generation of youth football players, what would it be?
Play football to enjoy it.