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Newmachar United secure third round place with victory over Kemnay

Newmachar United FC 6

Lamb 9, 45, Drummond 23, Williams 28, Clarkson 31, Edmonds 77

Kemnay FC 0

  • Sunday, 01 March 2015
  • Charles Gordon Park
  • Under 15´s
  • Stonehaven Youth Trophy

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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In a game that was more competitive than the score may suggest, Newmachar United secured their place in the third round of the Stonehaven Youth Trophy with a 6-0 win at home against Kemnay. The goal scorers were David Lamb, Connor Clarkson, Jacob Drummond, Leon Williams and Ryan Edmonds, with two of the goals coming from Lamb.
The first half got underway with the wind behind the home team, and this proved to be an advantage. Newmachar created several attacks and chances, and Kemnay’s goalkeeper Duncan Mutch was forced to make some great saves. A particularly good run from Newmachar’s Leon Williams looked set to open the scoring but Kemnay’s defence rallied and prevented Williams from making a pass or taking a shot himself. However moments later, Williams took a corner from the right and David Lamb found the net from inside the box to put the home side in the lead.
Inspired by their lead, Newmachar were exerting pressure on their visitors with their chases and footwork but the defence held strong, particularly Mutch who cleared the danger a number of times.
The 23rd minute saw another chance for the home side with a free kick from 10 yards inside the half and wide to the left. Caleb Wilson swung the ball to the far side of the box and Jacob Drummond found the net to increase the lead.
Kemnay responded immediately with Nathan Sangster’s shot sailing just wide of the net. Sangster followed this up with another good run but was forced out of play by Newmachar’s defence. Newmachar took up the attack once again, and Williams sent the ball past Mutch with his shot from the edge of the box.
Minutes later, Connor Clarkson shot from 20 yards but the ball was wide. Determined, he tried again from 25 yards and this time, the ball curved into the top corner of the net.
Newmachar had several more chances before half-time but Kemnay maintained a strong defence to prevent the home side from increasing their lead until the whistle blew to signal the end of the half.
  • Half Time:
  • Newmachar United FC
  • 4-0
  • Kemnay FC
Kemnay started the second half down but certainly not out, and with the wind now behind them, they looked ready to fight back. Yet it was Newmachar who opened the scoring of the half as Clarkson took a free kick from 25 yards and far out to the left. Subbed goalkeeper, Nathaniel Anderson, knocked the ball away from the goal mouth but first half goal scorer Lamb was able to chip it into the net.
Both teams were attacking with vigour, forcing the opposition defence to work hard. Kemnay’s Jamie Ratnayeke had a particularly great run but his shot was caught by Newmachar’s subbed goalkeeper, Josh Chambers. Anderson then made a great save for Kemnay at the other end of the pitch as he raced out of his goal mouth to take the ball at the feet of an attacking Williams.
Aidan Sheridan created a great chance for Kemnay, passing the ball out wide and running into space only for the Newmachar defence to close in. Moments later, he made another run with the ball but couldn’t break through the home side’s strong defence.
Then it was Sangster’s turn to try his luck, running with the ball and looking dangerous but Newmachar’s defence remained impenetrable. His next attempt from out wide tested Chambers’ juggling skills in order to keep the ball out. George Benzie also took his chances but Newmachar refused to concede any goals.
Newmachar mounted another attack and Ryan Edmonds found the net with his shot from just inside the box. Though Kemnay had one last chance, Chambers’ save denied the visitors a consolation goal, and Newmachar United had secured their place in the next round.
  • Full Time:
  • Newmachar United FC
  • 6-0
  • Kemnay FC


Newmachar United FC
Kemnay FC
1. Josh Chambers
2. Sean Stalker
3. James Anderson
4. Caleb Wilson
5. Joel Gillies
6. David Lamb
7. Jacob Drummond
8. Connor Clarkson
9. Paul Greig
10. Lyall Campbell
11. Leon Williams
12. Calum Allan
14. Ryan Edmonds
16. Ben Campbell
18. Cameron Duncan
22. Scott Strachan
23. Connor Duncan
1. Nathaniel Anderson
2. Nathan Smith
4. Cameron Muirhead
5. Matthew Cassidy
6. Steven MacAuley
7. Craig Benson
9. George Benzie
10. Nathan Sangster
12. Duncan Mutch
14. Lewis K. McDonald
15. Kyran Ebbrell
16. Jamie Ratneyeke
17. Lewis McDonald
18. Aidan Sheridan
19. John Angus
21. Kevin Low
Star Player
Newmachar United FC
Kemnay FC
My home star player is Leon Williams. He created many chances and demonstrated skill and pace, rewarded with his well worked goal.
My away star player is Nathan Sangster. He looked dangerous in attack and forced the Newmachar defence to work hard to prevent him from slipping past. His foot work was impressive and that's why I'm awarding him away star player.
Magic Moment
Newmachar United FC
Kemnay FC
Newmachar's second goal was a striking moment. Caleb Wilson certainly had power in his boot as he took the free kick from so close to half way and Jacob Drummond was in just the right place at the edge of the box to find the net. If this is a set piece that they've practiced in training, then it has definitely paid off!
The offensive efforts of Kemnay in the second half were great. With several enforced substitutions due to injury, the visitors refused to be disheartened by the score and kept fighting on. There were several chances and it was unfortunate for the team that they simply couldn't break through the home side's defence.
Club Views
Newmachar United FC
Kemnay FC
I spoke with Mark Stalker, one of the coachers for Newmachar United FC, who was pleased with the team's performance. "Overall, the team played very well from the back to the front line. We've shown a real improvement since last season. We would have liked more goals, more chances but we're happy with the result."

When asked about the aims for the rest of the season, he said "It's nice to go on a cup run but ultimately, we want promotion at the end of the season. It's a tight league so we need to keep the performance levels up."
I spoke to Kemnay head coach, John Muirhead, post-match, who praised his team. "It's a long time since the boys have played together- it's only our second game since November- so I thought they did well. Newmachar are a strong team so I thought we played well. The wind made a difference in the first half and that showed in the second half as well."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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