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Paul Lawrie Foundation pick up points against ALC Athletic

Paul Lawrie Foundation 2

Fraser 40+4, Waite 61

ALC Athletic 0

  • Sunday, 26 April 2015
  • Kaimhill
  • Under 15´s
  • 15's SoccerWorld League A

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Having met only five days previously, Paul Lawrie Foundation and ALC Athletic faced each other again, both with the hope of picking up the points. However it was Paul Lawrie who secured their victory, winning 2-0 with goals scored by Scott Fraser and Michael Waite.

Play got underway with Paul Lawrie dominating in attack, and an early shot from Lee McAllister being caught by ALC goalkeeper Euan Rose. There were more chances, as Adam Joji shot from 35 yards, with Rose diving to the right to push the ball wide.

Continuing to press, Joji put the ball through for Ryan Gordon. Gordon took the ball forward on the wing before passing in to McAllister whose shot from 30 yards went over the crossbar. This was followed by some interchanging play from the Paul Lawrie side which saw Gordon shoot from the edge of the box only for the shot to go wide.

ALC then began to press forward through Connor Towler and Scott Kerr but neither were able to take a shot at the goal before Paul Lawrie countered through Scott Fraser who got into space before sending a pass to Joji. He was then able to cross the ball to Gordon whose shot from just inside the box was blocked by Rose.

Some interchanging play between Fraser and Arron Esson gained them territory but Esson’s shot was denied by Lewis Ifi, who swept in to help Rose. This created a chance for ALC’s Taylor McBain who drove the ball forward. He crossed the ball into space for his teammates to run on to but Paul Lawrie rallied their defences.

Following an injury to Gordon which put an early end to his game, ALC were awarded a free kick at about 45 yards. Ritchie Troup’s shot had the distance and looked accurate but Paul Lawrie goalkeeper Craig Ballentyne saved the goal.

Paul Lawrie again began to press forward with Cameron Ross putting the ball through for Joji. However, McBain used his pace to exert pressure and deny Joji the chance to take a shot at goal.

Troup then set up some interchanging play with Jay Murphy to make ground but Troup’s shot from 25 yards sailed inches wide of the goal. ALC again pressed forward and Troup this time shot from wide out to the left but nudged it wide.

Ross and Joji then teamed up once again to make the yards but neither could get the shot that they were aiming for. The team were than awarded several corners but shots by both Fraser and Joji were wide and ALC were able to clear the danger as Rose punched the ball out.

A free kick was taken by Troup from 30 yards but a header by a Paul Lawrie defender kept the ball out. They then tried again with a corner by Murphy but his shot went wide.

Waite drove the ball down the wing and sent it in to Fraser, who chipped it in from inside the box to give Paul Lawrie the lead in the final play of the half..

  • Half Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 1-0
  • ALC Athletic

The first chance of the second half was for ALC Athletic with a free kick just inside their own half. Although they made the yards, Paul Lawrie were able to counter but Joji’s shot from around 40 yards was saved by Rose.

However ALC were awarded a number of free kicks in quick succession. From 35 yards, Troup found the box but none of his teammates could get an accurate shot at the goal through a strong Paul Lawrie defence, and one taken by Rose from within ALC’s own half was saved by Ballentyne. 

Ballentyne made a number of saves to relieve the pressure on his team as ALC continued to try and score from free kicks. Troup then took a corner from the side but Matthew Clark’s shot from inside the box went over the crossbar.

Paul Lawrie were quick to switch to attacking play, pressing forward, but Esson’s shot was saved by Rose. As they tried to score from their own free kick, ALC rallied their defence to clear the danger.

End to end play ensued for a time before Waite once again drove the ball down the wing and crossed it in for Fraser. Fraser flicked it back to Waite who tapped it in to increase their lead.

The side then came agonisingly close to scoring again with Ross’ free kick from just beyond the corner of the box hitting the corner of the post and the crossbar.

ALC were not about to give up, with Finlay Stalker putting the ball through for Kerr. However Ballentyne got to the ball before Kerr could to clear the danger. 

They had several chances but just could not get the shot that they were looking for. Troup stepped up to take more free kicks but Paul Lawrie held their defence to deny ALC any scores. Another passage of play allowed Troup to drive the ball forward but he could not penetrate the opposition’s defence before the final whistle.


  • Full Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 2-0
  • ALC Athletic


Paul Lawrie Foundation
ALC Athletic
2. Michael Waite
3. Ross Duncan
6. Andrew Wood
8. Shaun Anderson
9. Cameron Ross
10. Jack Newcombe
11. Andrew Jamieson
12. Scott Fraser
14. Arron Esson
15. Max McBay
16. Omar Hamel
17. Lloyd Brown
18. Craig Ballentyne
19. Lee McAllister
20. Adam Joji
22. Ryan Gordon
1. Euan Rose
2. Taylor McBain
3. Mitchell Hepburn
4. Matthew Clark
5. Logan Paterson
6. Sean McHardy
7. Ugo Nwodi
8. Finlay Stalker
9. Lewis Ifi
10. Scott Kerr
11. Jay Murphy
14. Ritchie Troup
16. Connor Towler
19. Kieran Yates
Star Player
Paul Lawrie Foundation
ALC Athletic
Ryan Gordon - Played very well and was a prominent figure in Paul Lawrie's attacking play until he had to go off injured. Adam Joji also had an excellent game. He set up a number of chances and took several shots at goal himself. He also used his pace to exert pressure defensively on ALC.
Ritchie Troup - Had a great game. He stepped up for the set pieces and created a number of chances, having a couple of near misses with some of his shots. He also used his pace to exert pressure on Paul Lawrie Foundation and performed well throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Paul Lawrie Foundation
ALC Athletic
Paul Lawrie Foundation's magic moment was their second goal. It was well worked and well taken, and really credited their attacking play. It also allowed them to play a more relaxed game with a lead of two goals.
ALC had a fantastic second half. They came into it with confidence that they had not shown in the first half and they fought for their chances. They were able to get more ball and they used this to their advantage to press forward and challenge Paul Lawrie defensively.
Club Views
Paul Lawrie Foundation
ALC Athletic
Graeme Anderson, Paul Lawrie Foundation coach, said: "I thought the boys were superb, scored two great goals and they stuck to their task for the full 80 minutes. "We're still on course to finish higher than we did last season so hopefully we can finish second or third in the league."
Neil Paterson, ALC Athletic coach, said: "I'm disappointed in today's performance. It's been a long hard season for us. We're a footballing side but we didn't really show that today. Speaking about the team's second half improvement, Paterson said: "We told them to keep the ball down and just play football. That's the way to win games."
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