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Spartans FC Reds post-match interview article

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Following their victory in the Trans World Soccer SYFA Cup Final, YFS caught up with the delighted captain of Spartans Reds FC, Jamie Mitchell.
“We’re over the moon! We can’t believe we’ve won the Scottish cup. It’s everything we’ve worked for this season, and we’d all like to thank the coaches and staff for helping us.”
The game saw Spartans secure their win with two goals from striker, Matt Brady, and denying Hutchison Vale any goals by holding a strong defence throughout the game.
“It was a bit tight early on and we were a bit pushed back. Once we got the first goal, we were always in the driving seat and we were going to win.”
Mitchell reiterated the delight of his squad. “It’s everything we wanted. We’ve worked so hard in training and games. We got off to a good start this season by winning the Glasgow City cup. We’ve brought in some new players and the team has improved so much this season.”
The jubilation of the whole team and staff was evident as they left the stadium, with grins plastered from ear to ear, clapping each other on the back and full of high spirits, their silverware carried by a member of the coaching staff as Mitchell told us, “We’ll be going back to the clubhouse to celebrate, have something to eat and see where the night takes us.”
A hearty congratulations to Spartans Reds from all at YFS, and commiserations to Hutchison Vale who played really well, with thanks to both teams for a fantastic game of football.

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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