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Donside Juvenile FC take vital three points with Paul Lawrie victory

Paul Lawrie Foundation 0

Donside Juvenile FC 3

Burns 40, Cooper 65, Insch 68
  • Thursday, 07 May 2015
  • Shedocksley Sports Pavilion
  • Under 13´s
  • SoccerWorld League C

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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With both teams still in contention to win the league, Paul Lawrie Foundation and Donside Juvenile FC faced each other at Shedocksley Sports Pavilion in what proved to be a tale of two halves. However it was Donside Juveniles who came out as victors with a 3-0 win, their goals scored by Tom Burns, Connor Cooper and Callum Insch.

Paul Lawrie mounted the first attack of the game with Jamie Sayers driving the ball forward but Donside goalkeeper, Ben Middleton, came out to tackle Sayers before he could take his shot.

They soon had another chance through a corner taken by Connor Strachan. Donside were able to clear the danger as the ball reached the edge of the box but Joy Banda was waiting further down the field, and drove the ball back towards the box. He shot from wide out to the right but Middleton kept the ball out. 

Donside created a chance of their own with some interchanging play between Brodie Ross and Connor Cooper. The pair pressed forward before Ross shot from the just inside the box but Paul Lawrie goalkeeper Archie Coueslant pushed it wide.

It was not long before Donside were trying again, with Liam Smith putting the ball through for Cooper, who shot from the edge of the box, but Paul Lawrie rallied their defence to deny the visitors their chance.

Paul Lawrie had another chance through Sayers as he used his pace to gain territory and beat several defenders but with noone to pass to, he was unable to take a shot at goal himself. Connor Strachan then pressed forward again for the home side but he was forced out of play, and the visitors were able to clear from the resulting corner.

Banda then created a fantastic chance for his side, pressing forward before putting the ball through for Connor Strachan, whose first time shot at the goal looked accurate but Middleton was able to push it wide and deny the chance.

Donside were then pressing forward again, with Ross taking several shots. From a throw in, Ross shot from the edge of the box but Coueslant pushed it wide. Moments later, he shot from the corner but failed to get the angle that he needed.

Play went back and forth between the two sides before Paul Lawrie were breaking again. Connor Strachan put the ball through for Connor Neaves, who chased it down with his opposite number Greg Smith hot on his tail but it was Middleton who reached the ball first to deny any score. 

Connor Strachan then linked up with Banda to press forward but Donside rallied their defence to clear the danger and mount their own attack. Ross passed out wide to Callum Insch who shot from about 25 yards, but his shot was saved by Coueslant.

Donside had one last chance with a corner, taken by Tom Burns. The ball reached the box where Paul Lawrie defended well amidst great pressure from the visitors. Coueslant kicked the ball away and Ross shot from 30 yards but it was wide of the net and the half came to an end with no score.

  • Half Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 0-0
  • Donside Juvenile FC

Following a dominant performance from Paul Lawrie in the first half, Donside came out with determination in the second half and had the first attacking chance. Burns drove the ball down the wing but Paul Lawrie held their defence to push the visitors back. 

Cooper then put the ball through to Ross, whose shot inside the box was deflected off one of Paul Lawrie’s defenders. The ball came back to Burns who shot from just over 30 yards but Coueslant caught the ball to keep it out.

However, Donside were awarded a free kick around 30 yards out. Burns stepped up and sent the ball straight over the wall and into the net to put his side in the lead.

Paul Lawrie were not going to give up, and they were able to counter-attack from a Donside corner. Banda used his pace to put pressure on the visiting side and made great yards but could not get all the way.

Donside created a number of chances, with Ben Andrews shooting from just over 25 yards only for his shot to be caught by Coueslant. Then from a corner, Craig Brander shot from inside the box to test the defence of Coueslent again. Smith took another shot from the edge of the box but the ball went over the crossbar.

Paul Lawrie held their defence well and were once again able to counterattack, this time with Banda and Sayers linking up to drive forward. However, neither were able to get the shot that they were looking for.

Ross took the ball forward for Donside once more but Gavin Troup swept in to push the ball away, and from the resulting corner, Paul Lawrie were able to clear the danger.

The home side were soon on the attack as Sayers drove the ball down the wing, but he was closed down by a strong Donside defence.

Donside were awarded another corner. Burns found the box and Cooper headed the ball straight into the net to increase his side’s lead.

Although Paul Lawrie fought back and exerted pressure in attack, it was only moments later that Insch took control of the ball, to shoot from the edge of the box and add to the Donside score.

In a last effort, Paul Lawrie worked their way up the field with a series of throw ins. However, it was Donside who were to have the last chance of the game with a counterattack from Ross but his shot from around 25 yards was caught by Coueslant, bringing the game to an end with no further scores.

  • Full Time:
  • Paul Lawrie Foundation
  • 0-3
  • Donside Juvenile FC


Paul Lawrie Foundation
Donside Juvenile FC
1. Archie Coueslant
2. Mathis Del Zoto
3. Alex Ross
4. Dean Munro
5. Connor Neaves
6. Ross Martin
7. Jamie Sayers
9. Joy Banda
10. Connor Strachan
11. Findlay Troup
12. Edward Freeman
14. Ahmed Husain
16. Owen Cummine
17. Gavin Troup
18. Peter Strachan
20. Grant Cormack
1. Ben Middleton
2. Boyd Murray
3. Callum Duncan
4. Craig Brander
5. Greg Smith
6. David Johnson
8. Liam Smith
9. Brodie Ross
10. Matthew McCranor
11. Tom Burns
14. Arran Inkster
15. Ben Andrews
18. Connor Cooper
21. Callum Insch
Star Player
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Donside Juvenile FC
Jamie Sayers - He made some fantastic breaks throughout the game. He used his pace to exert pressure on Donside's defence to create chances for himself and his teammates.
Greg Smith - He was fantastic in defence, denying a number of opportunites for Paul Lawrie and making it very difficult for his opponents to create scoring opportunities, particularly in the second half.
Magic Moment
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Donside Juvenile FC
The magic moment for the home team was their near-miss in the first half. Banda put a great ball through for Connor Strachan who used only one touch to send an accurate shot at the goal. It was unfortunate for the home side that Middleton was well placed to save the shot as it was a fantastic bit of football.
Donside's first goal came at a great time for them as it gave them something to build on from early in the second half. Burns' shot was well taken, arcing straight over the wall of defenders and past Coueslant to hit the back of the net.
Club Views
Paul Lawrie Foundation
Donside Juvenile FC
Craig Watson, head coach for Paul Lawrie Foundation, said: "I thought the boys played really well, especially in the first half. We kept possession in the middle of the park, we found the lone striker quite well. We were unfortunate not to score in the first 15 minutes which might have made the difference." On whether the result was a fair reflection of the performance, he said: "Yes and no. Donside were the better team in the second half. I think if we'd caught a goal, especially 30 seconds in- we were unlucky not to have a goal then- it could have been a different game."
Kenny Murray, Donside Juvenile FC coach, said: "It was a well-even match. In the first half, Paul Lawrie edged it but in the second half, we raised our game and it was a really good second half performance by us." On whether the result was a fair reflection of the performance, he said, "I think although they edged the performance in the first half, 0-0 was OK. In the second half, we definitely deserved the result."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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