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Culter Boys Climb to Third Spot in Table with Win Over Deveronvale

Culter Boys 8

Parkinson 4' 22', Ahmed 20', Islane 54' 67' 70', McGregor 63' 80'

Deveronvale 3

Taylor 7' 9', McDonald 69'
  • Sunday, 03 April 2016
  • Aulton
  • Under 15´s
  • ADJFA League B Section One

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Fighting for the third place in the league table, Culter Boys and Deveronvale met in drizzly conditions. Culter took the three points with an 8-3 win. Their goals were scored by Saiyed Ahmed, with Jack Euan McGregor and Adian Parkinson scoring two goals each, and Zane Island scoring a hat trick. Adam Taylor scored two goals for Deveronvale while the third was added by Lewis McDonald.

Culter had the first chance of the game with Adam Merrakech putting the ball through for Saiyed Ahmed but Deveronvale held their defence and cleared before Ahmed could make a shot at goal.

The visitors then pressed forward with some interchanging play between Kieran Nelsh and Lewis McDonald but Culter’s Mitch Phillips cleared before Nelsh could make his shot.

The home side pressed forward again through Aidan Parkinson, Liam Mewse and Ahmed before Parkinson shot from thirty yards but it was caught by Deveronvale goalkeeper, Jonathan Edward.

Mewse drove the ball forward and passed inside for Ahmed but Deveronvale’s Scott Urquhart cleared. From the clearance, Nelsh pressed for the visitors but Phillips held tight in defence to deny the chance.

Culter were awarded a corner which was taken by Mewse. He crossed the ball into the box and Parkinson tapped it into the net to open the scoring in the fourth minute.

Deveronvale were soon on the attack through Adam Taylor, whose shot from twenty-five yards was just wide of the goal.

The home side pressed again and Zane Islane spotted a gap in the defence to race through but Edward swept out to smother the ball. Culter continued to press but Islane’s back heel flick from inside the box went wide.

The visitors pressed once more and Taylor crossed the ball into the box for Connor Runcle but his shot also went just wide.

Mewse was looking for an opening but Taylor remained tight in defence. Culter were then awarded a corner. Mewse crossed the ball into the box and Ahmed ran in to send it into the back of the net in the twentieth minute.

The home side did not take long to further extend their lead when, in the twenty-second minute, Parkinson pressed forward and sent the ball into the back of the net with his shot from the edge of the box.

Deveronvale were eager to get back in the game, and Eythin Duncan made a break down the wing and crossed the ball in for Runcie and Nelsh but Louis Fyle was looking sharp in defence and cleared the danger.

Nelsh drove the ball down the wing and laid the ball off for Runcie who put it into space for Calum Fraser. Fraser flicked the ball from inside the box but it was caught by Culter goalkeeper, Lewis Hardy.

The home side were on the attack again and Mewse lured Edward out and shot from inside the box but Urquhart cleared the ball off the line before disentangling himself from the net.

  • Half Time:
  • Culter Boys
  • 3-0
  • Deveronvale

Once again, Culter had the first chance of the half with Mewse and Parkinson pressing forward but the ball was cleared excellently by Harry Irvine.

Deveronvale looked more intent in attack and were soon rewarded for their efforts as Robert McIntosh and Taylor pressed forward and Taylor shot from thirty yards and tucked the ball into the back of the net to get his side on the score sheet in the forty-seventh minute.

The visitors quickly capitalised on their score, and Fraser drove the ball forward before laying it off to McIntosh. He sent the ball to Taylor who shot once again from thirty yards and found the net to claim his second goal in the forty-ninth minute.

Culter tightened their defence and began their counterattack. Islane spotted a gap in defence and raced through to slip it past substitute goalkeeper, Liam Rough in the fifty-fourth minute.

End-to-end play ensued with both teams looking to create chances. Ahmed broke through the defence and crossed the ball to Mewse whose shot from inside the box was also pushed wide by Rough. However Jack Euan McGregor followed up and sent the ball into the back of the net in the sixty-third minute.

The referee awarded the home side a penalty in the sixty-sixth minute and Parkinson stepped up but sent it wide. Yet Culter soon followed up and in the sixty-seventh minute, Islane lured Rough our from the goal mouth and sent the ball into the net.

The visitors were awarded a free kick on the halfway line. Irivine sent the ball into the box where McDonald headed it into the net to narrow the gap in the sixty-ninth minute.

However the home side’s lead was extended once more when Islane drove the ball into the box and he knocked it past Rough in the seventieth minute.

Nelsh and McInotsh set up some interchanging play to drive the ball forward but McIntosh’s shot from twenty-five yards struck the post.

Parkinson made a similar shot at the other end and his shot also clipped the post before Fraser cleared to deny any more scoring chances.

Ethan Barron sent the ball into space for Deveronvale with McIntosh and Fraser running on but Culter were able to clear before the visitors could make a shot at goal. As play was driven to the other end, McGregor lured Rough out from the goal and slipped it into the net in the eightieth minute to end the game.

  • Full Time:
  • Culter Boys
  • 8-3
  • Deveronvale


Culter Boys
1. Lewis Hardy
3. Kieran Pelley
5. Aidan Parkinson
7. Saiyed Ahmed
8. Cole Macrae
9. Jack Euan McGregor
10. Adam Merrakech
11. Louis Fyle
14. Kieran Phull
17. Mitch Phillips
18. Liam Mewse
20. Kyle Koss
21. Zane Islane
23. Ross Mennie
22. Jonathan Edward
1. Liam Rough
2. Daniel de Freitas
3. CJ McRobbie
4. Ethan Barron
5. Jack Munro
6. Benn Burroughs
7. Adam Taylor
8. Robert McIntosh
9. Lewis McDonald
10. Harry Irvine
11. Scott Urquhart
12. Calum Fraser
14. Arron Thomson
15. Connor Runcie
16. Kieran Nelsh
18. Eythan Duncan
Star Player
Culter Boys
Saiyed Ahmed - He had a great game, always looking for the space to create chances for his team mates and spotting the space to run on and take his goal.
Adam Taylor - He played very well both defensively and in attack, adding his name to the score sheet twice. He led his team very well throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Culter Boys
Culter's fifth goal was well worked. Ahmed put his pace to use to break through the defence and put the ball inside for Mewse. Although he couldn't score with his attempt, McGregor was in place to follow up and get the goal.
Deveronvale's first goal was well taken by Taylor and showed how dangerous he could be in attack. The side had more intent and took confidence from the goal.
Club Views
Culter Boys
I spoke with Sid Merrakech, manager and coach of Culter Boys, who said, "It was a brilliant performance from us today. We take every game seriously. Deveronvale put up a good fight and credit to them, that made us work very hard to win the game." On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "We want to finish as high as we can. We take each game one-at-a-time and we'll see where that takes us."
I spoke with Rob Barron, coach of Deveronvale, who said, "We're disappointed. We were 3-0 down at half-time but we got ourselves back into the game after the second half to 3-2 but we just seemed to switch off. We've struggled for numbers today but we're disappointed. Culter took their chances well and we didn't do enough today." On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "I've said to the boys that we're good enough to be up at the top. We've got about seven or eight games to go so we'll be looking to win them all. Hopefully the results will go our way."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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