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FDS Clinch Crucial Three Points in Competitive Byron Game

Byron Milan 5

Odidairo 29' 35' 65' 70', Alexander 46'


Kaplan 11' 22', Bremner 20', R.Coffey 49', Finnie 62', Elrick 68'
  • Sunday, 10 April 2016
  • Northfield Academy
  • Under 13´s
  • ADJFA League C

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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The rain held off for Byron Milan and FDS to face off in a competitive match at Northfield Academy. FDS secured the three points with a 6-5 win. Their goals were scored by Ryan Bremner, Regan Coffey, McKenzie Finnie, Connor Elrick and two by Emre Kaplan, while Byron’s goals were scored by Jack Alexander and four by Timilehin Odedairo.


FDS put pressure on early on with Kurtis Williams, McKenzie Finnie and Ryan Bremner putting together a nice series of passes. Williams shot from the edge of the box but the ball was pushed wide by Byron goalkeeper, Ziemowit Magdziarz, and then cleared by Adam Law.


Byron had their first chance of the game through Timilehin Odedairo who penetrated the defence and shot from twenty-five yards but the ball was caught by FDS goalkeeper, Cai Shepherd. 


The home side continued to press and Odedairo put the ball through for Jack Alexander who ran into the box but FDS conceded a penalty in their defensive effort. Lew stepped up and struck the ball toward the middle of the goal where it was caught by Shepherd.


The visitors pressed back once more and Lewis Downing drove the ball forward and put the ball into the box for Emre Kaplan, who ran on and struck it into the back of the net in the eleventh minute.


FDS continued to create chances and Logan Coffey volleyed the ball into the box for Jay Douglas but he sent it just wide.


Alexander drove the ball down the wing and sent it into the box for Odedairo who laid the ball back for Jamie Campbell. Campbell shot from twenty-five yards but Shepherd cleared.


In the twentieth minute, Lee Steven shot from wide to the right. Magdziarz pushed the ball wide but Bremner followed in to tap it into the net.


The visitors pressed again soon after and in the twenty-second minute, Kaplan drove the ball down the wing and lobbed the ball over the advancing Magdziarz into the back of the net.


Byron kept their heads up and Odedairo put the ball through for Alexander who shot from the edge of the box. The ball was pushed wide by Shepherd but Alexander shot again only for Downing to clear.


In the twenty-ninth minute Corey Sangster put the ball through for Odedairo who fired it home from inside the box to get his team on the score sheet.


The visitors drove play to the other end, with Bremner jinking through the defence to shoot from fifteen yards but Magdziarz caught the ball. FDS continued to press with Douglas driving into the box but the ball was palmed wide by Magdziarz.


The home side were looking for more openings and Max McAllister sent the ball into space for Odedairo who controlled the ball on the edge of the box and struck it into the back of the net to close the half.


Half-time: Byron Milan 2-3 FDS.


  • Half Time:
  • Byron Milan
  • 2-3
  • FDS

Byron made a break early on in the second half through McAllister who put the ball into the box for Alexander but his shot was pushed wide by Shepherd.


The visitors set up some interchanging play through Finnie and Oghenkaro Iredje to drive the ball to the edge of the box. Iredje made his shot but it was cleared off the line by Magdziarz.


Odedairo made another break for the home side, and sent the ball inside for Lee Steven. Dillan Griffin cleared the ball before Steven could make his shot, and though McAllister followed up, curving the ball from thirty yards, Shepherd caught it.


However Byron were soon rewarded for their attacking efforts, with Odedairo running the ball down the left wing. He crossed it into the box for Alexander who struck the ball into the net in the forty-sixth minute.


FDS drove the ball down the wing through Logan Coffey but Cameron Howitt remained tight in defence and forced the ball out of play. The visitors continued to press, and Iredje put the ball through for Regan Coffey who weaved through the defence and arced the ball over the goalkeeper in the forty-ninth minute for his side to regain the lead.


Odedairo drove forward again and put the ball through for Jamie Campbell who shot at goal but Shepherd pushed it wide and Downing cleared.


FDS put the pressure on with Logan Coffey and Finnie exchanging passes to press forward before laying the ball back for Iredje who was denied by Howitt. However Finnie raced forward and shot from fifteen yards and wide to the left, finding the back of the net in the sixty-second minute.


The home side pressed forward once more and Odedairo drove the ball forward before laying it back for Sangster but FDS held their defence well and Grant Mutch forced it out of play. However Byron kept the pressure on the FDS defence, and Howitt and Odedairo exchanged passes to press forward and Odedairo sent the ball into the goal from the edge of the box in the sixty-fifth minute.


Iredje then put the ball through for Connor Elrick but Byron held their defence. However Finnie put the ball into space for Elrick once again. This time, he lured Magdziarz out and knocked it in from five yards in the sixty-eighth minute.


Byron kept their heads up and Odedairo weaved through the defence and struck it from ten yards past Shepherd and into the net in the seventieth minute.


With just one goal between the two sides, Byron had a free kick at thirty yards and wide to the left. Campbell sent the ball to the box and Odedairo tried an overhead kick which Alexander ran onto but the ball clipped the post and the whistle signalled full-time.


Full-time: Byron Milan 5-6 FDS.


  • Full Time:
  • Byron Milan
  • 5-6
  • FDS


Byron Milan
1. Cai Shepherd
3. Dillan Griffin
5. Ryan Bremner
6. Christopher Brander
7. Logan Coffey
8. Oghenkaro Iredje
9. Jay Douglas
10. Regan Coffey
11. Lewis Downing
15. McKenzie Finnie
17. Kurtis Williams
19. Emre Kaplan
20. Connor Elrick
21. Adam Amier
24. Grant Mutch
1. Ziemowit Magdziarz
2. Ben Hird
3. Kamil Bello
4. Owen Craig
5. Dylan Grove
6. Adam Law
7. Lee Steven
8. Jack Alexander
9. Max McAllister
10. Lennon Donegan
11. Cameron Howitt
12. Timilehin Odedairo
14. Corey Sangster
15. Cieron Gall
16. Jamie Campbell
17. Brandon Wilkinson
Star Player
Byron Milan
Timilehin Odedairo - He had a great game. He was a prominent attacking figure for the home side, claiming four goals himself and assisting with the fifth.
Ohenkaro Iredje - He played some fantastic balls throughout the match to create chances for his team mates and was always looking for openings to shoot himself or to put the ball into space.
Magic Moment
Byron Milan
Cai Shepherd's save of Byron's early penalty was a great moment for the side. He made saves great throughout the game but none were as crucial as that one.
Byron's third goal was a great moment for the team, as they had come from 3-0 down to draw level. The goal was well set up with Odedairo putting the ball into the box for Alexander who was quick to find his target.
Club Views
Byron Milan
I spoke with Craig Johnson, first team coach and first aider at Byron Milan, who said, "I thought from both sides, it was a fantastic game of football to watch. I thought my team started a bit slow but we came back into it really well. I thought it was a fantastic performance from all the kids, the FDS kids as well, and from a neutral point of view, it was a cracking game of football and the kids were brilliant." "I feel my team deserved something from the game but it's one of those things that happens in football. We've got one game left this season so if we can get something from that, it would be brilliant. We're building towards next season so that we can mount a challenge to the top of the table."
I spoke with Graham Mutch, the head coach at FDS, who said, "It was a strong game- Byron Milan played well and went all out for the win. They gave us a hard challenge but we managed to just scrape it at the end to get the three points. I think Byron could have pipped us the end but the FDS boys did dig deep at the end to grind out the win." "We have quite a back log of games- we're playing every Tuesday and Thursday now until the end of April to catch up in the league. We're sitting pretty comfortably in the league now so we just want to continue as we can."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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