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Greyhope Boys and Kintore United in competitive clash

Greyhope Boys 2

Smith 5' 70'

Kintore United 3

Gerrard 41', Riddoch 45' 64'
  • Tuesday, 12 April 2016
  • Aulton
  • Under 14´s
  • ADJFA League C Section Two

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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Greyhope Boys and Kintore United met in a mid-week fixture where Kintore United claimed the victory with a 3-2 win. Their goals were scored by Samual Gerrard and two by Ben Riddoch, while Angus Smith claimed both of Greyhope’s goals.

Play got underway and Greyhope showed their intent as Dylan Irvine drove the ball forward but Samual Gerrard challenged and won the ball to set up the counterattack. He put the ball through for Dylan Henderson who shot from fifteen yards and wide to the right. Greyhope goalkeeper, Kyle Ferguson, pushed it wide and though Gerrard followed up, Ferguson cleared.

The home side were soon on the attack again and were awarded a corner. Brandon Napier crossed the ball into the box where Angus Smith was waiting to knock it in to open the scoring in the fifth minute.

Kintore made a break through Alexander Walton who passed inside to Henderson but his shot from the edge of the box was wide. The visitors were then awarded a corner which Henderson crossed into the box. Scott Nathanial tried to knock it in from close range but Jamie Buchan cleared.

Buchan was soon involved in the action again and he put the ball into space for Prezemek Wiencek. He raced down the wing and shot from twenty-five yards but it went wide. However Greyhope continued to press, and Oskar Ouscarek made a powerful shot from thirty yards but it was palmed wide by Kintore goalkeeper, Sam Woolley.

The visitors continued to look for a chance to equalise and Gerrard put the ball through for Walton who headed it from inside the box but it was cleared by Lewis Stewart. However Lennon Cowie sent the ball through for Walton once again who drove down the wing and crossed the ball into the box where it was smothered by Ferguson.

Wiencek and Buchan linked up for Greyhope to press forward but Kintore held their defence and Lauchlan Hadden forced the ball out of play. From the ensuing corner, Wiencek crossed the ball into the box where it was initially cleared. Ouscarek followed up with a shot from twenty-five yards but Walton cleared.

Gerrard went on the counterattack, breaking down the wing and driving into the box where he was brought down. Henderson aimed his penalty to the bottom left corner but Ferguson pushed it wide. Cowie followed up with his shot from twenty yards but sent it just wide.

Greyhope showed great control and broke down the wing but drove just too far, shooting from fifteen yards and wide to the right but firing just wide to bring the half to a close.

  • Half Time:
  • Greyhope Boys
  • 1-0
  • Kintore United

Kintore showed their intent early on in the second half with Gerrard crossing the ball into the box for Ben Riddoch from wide to the left but Ferguson caught the ball before Riddoch could run onto it.

In the forty-first minute, Henderson put the ball through for Gerrard who knocked it in from ten yards to get his side on the score sheet.

Greyhope started strong from the restart, and David Ibazebo pressed forward and passed the ball out wide to Buchan but Gerrard kept the pressure on and forced the ball out of play.

The visitors soon drove play to the other end once more through Riddoch and Cowie, and Riddoch sent the ball into the back of the net from inside the box in the forty-fifth minute.

Kintore continued to look for chances and were awarded a corner. Henderson crossed the ball into the box where it was eventually cleared by Ferguson and Greyhope counterattacked through Ibazebo who drove forward before releasing the ball to Ouscarek, who put it through for Napier. However Kintore held their defence to deny Greyhope the chance that they were looking for.

Leon Wilson then broke down the wing for the home side and linked up with Ouscarek but Hadden was sharp in defence and cleared before Ouscarek could make a shot.

The visitors drove play to the other end and Riddoch broke through the defence and knocked the ball into the net from close range to extend their lead in the sixty-fourth minute.

Greyhope were not giving up and Wiencek and broke down the wing but was brought down and the side were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards but Ouscarek sent the ball wide. The home side continued to press however and Smith knocked the ball into the net from close range in the seventieth minute but it proved only to be a consolation goal as the whistle was blown.

  • Full Time:
  • Greyhope Boys
  • 2-3
  • Kintore United


Greyhope Boys
Kintore United
1. Kyle Ferguson
2. Lewis Stewart
3. Prezemek Wiencek
4. Connor Stuart
6. Jack Duncan
7. Tolga Muladov
9. Brandon Napier
10. Jamie Buchan
11. Dylan Irvine
12. Oskar Ouscarek
13. David Ibazebo
14. Angus Smith
15. Hector Stephen
16. Leon Wilson
12. Sam Woolley
2. Kerr Innes
4. Luke Girling
7. Scott Nathanial
8. Samual Gerrard
10. Dylan Henderson
11. Alexander Walton
12. Lauchlan Hadden
19. Ben Riddoch
21. Mitchell Donald
22. Fraser Scott
29. Lennon Cowie
Star Player
Greyhope Boys
Kintore United
Angus Smith - He played well in attack and was looking for chances throughout. He took both his goals well.
Samual Gerrard - He was a prominent figure in attack for Kintore, as well as exerting pressure in defence to deny Greyhope several chances.
Magic Moment
Greyhope Boys
Kintore United
Ferguson's save of Kintore's penalty was a great moment for the side. He read the play well to make the save and relieved some of the pressure on his team.
Kintore's second goal was well worked with the interchanging play between Riddoch and Cowie to drive the ball forward before Riddoch took his chance and gave his side the lead.
Club Views
Greyhope Boys
Kintore United
I spoke with Dean McBain, one of the coaches at Greyhope Boys, who said, "The boys tried and had their heads up, they did their best. It was a game of two halves but we didn't quite do enough. Every week we're getting better and better so we want to see the boys continuing to progress."
I spoke with Grant Innes, club secretary for Kintore United, who said, "I thought we had a good performance this evening. We didn't take our chances in the first half but in the second half I think we played some really nice football and got the result that we deserved."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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