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Lewis United 2002s are A league champions

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YFS North Region Reporter David Reid gave his thoughts pre-match on the Under 14s A league play-off match between Lewis United and Banks O’Dee Albion.

David Reid said: “I used to do some coaching at Lewis and knew they would be there or there abouts this season whereas Albion have had to do a restructuring job after losing a lot of players close season.
“This is a big game for both clubs respectively, both sides only have one league title each going into the game with the Under 15s winning their A league title and the Under 16s winning the A league title at that age group.
“I am looking forward to the match on a personal note; I worked with Albion goalie Grant Middleton when he was at Lewis and have also worked with Simon Mitchell and Jordon Dutch from Lewis so I am looking forward to seeing the progress that these guys have made.
“It’s a good facility here at Dyce Juniors and they have staged a lot of ADJFA Cup finals and big matches this season, both sides have good individual players within their ranks.
“There’s a good crowd arriving here tonight for the game and I can see a couple of coaches from different teams here as well so here is hoping it’s a good game for everyone involved.”
Half time: Lewis and Albion were locked in at 1-1 at break. I was joined by Middlefield Wasps under 14s coach Sandy Reid who spoke about Middlefield Wasps achievements this season with winning the double and Sandy also gave his thoughts on the first half.
Reid said: “If anyone said at the start of the season that we would win our games and win them well then we would have bit their hand off however the boys have played fantastic, we got relegated rightly last season however we strengthened and the boys we took in and the original players that we have and we are now a good side.
“It shows in the cup win against Lewis how far we have come, it was a hard game against Lewis, it wasn’t pretty football and I think we deserved the win overall.
“I think Lewis are unlucky not to be in front, they should be three or four up however they haven’t quite taken their chances and Albion have taken the one that they have had but Lewis are the better team so far.
“Either team needs to get the ball down and start playing football this next half, there is too much pressure on the players I think, if one team plays it on the deck they will win the game I think.
Full time: Lewis United are crowned A league champions after a 3-1 victory over rivals Banks O’Dee Albion.
David Reid gave his thoughts on the game when he said “A deserved victory for Lewis, they should have been winning by the interval however they didn’t take their chances however two goals within three minutes in the 2nd half and it sees Lewis United come out on top with a 2nd league title for all involved at Lewis.
“The Albion coaching staff won’t accept this and they will be back to the drawing board I would think to try and get that league title back to Spain Park, ever since both these sides have gone to 11 a side there has been some very close games between the two sides.
“For Lewis I thought Jack Craigie was superb for them and caused a threat all the time to the Albion defence, I am pretty sure Steve Gerrard and Daniel Middler will have his guys fired up for next season to do more of the same, they have the attributes and ability to do it.
“Young Daniel Middler picked up a serious injury after 10 minutes and it has since been confirmed that he has torn his knee ligaments after an accident, I hope Daniel is back on the mend so as he is a cracking player and has a bright future ahead of him.”
There is a big end of the season review which is due to follow next week which will accompany under 13s-19s age group. The destination of the Under 19s A league title is still to be confirmed, we hope to have more information on that in the feature.

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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