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Dyce secure top spot with win over Deveronvale

Dyce BC 7

Urquhart 13, Webster 25, 63, 65, Stockton 46, 55, Lewecki 51

Deveronvale FC 0

  • Sunday, 15 January 2017
  • Dyce Astro
  • Under 14´s
  • ADJFA League A

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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On a weekend that saw many games in the North region postponed, Dyce BC and Deveronvale FC braved the cold conditions to face off. It was Dyce who would claim the three points with a 7-0 win, which saw Robbie Urquhart and Kacper Lewecki score one goal each, Jay Stockton scoring two goals and Reis Webster claiming a hat trick.

The home side exerted pressure early, with Rhys Clark making a break but Deveronvale’s Kyle Buxton swept in to deny any scoring chance. Dyce were awarded a free kick at 30 yards and although Clark’s shot had the accuracy, Deveronvale goalkeeper, Haydn Mottram, pushed it wide. 

Deveronvale pressed forward through Campbell McDermott who tried to link with Buxton but Lewecki swept through the middle to close down the attack.

Dyce were awarded a corner and Clark crossed the ball into the box. There was a scramble before Robbie Urquhart tapped it in from close range to open the scoring in the 13th minute.

The visitors were awarded a corner soon after. Max Stewart crossed the ball into the box but it was cleared by Lewecki. Stewart sent it back in but Buxton’s shot was fired over the crossbar.

Stewart linked with Jamie Williamson to press forward with a series of passes but Dyce held their defence well to prevent any scoring chances. 

McDermott and Buxton also linked for the visitors but Dyce were able to counterattack through Lewecki, who drove forward and offloaded to Reis Webster. He shot from inside the box and Mottram could only get his fingertips to the ball but it was not enough to stop it from hitting the back of the net. Dyce extended their lead in the twenty-fifth minute.

The home side were soon on the attack again, with Urquhart making a break down the wing after a through ball from Matteo Carlier. However Williamson made an excellent cover tackle to deny Urquhart any chance of a shot.

Deveronvale had one last chance, with Stewart putting the ball through for Buxton but it was nudged too far.

  • Half Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 2-0
  • Deveronvale FC

Dyce looked dominant as the second half got underway. Lewecki shot from thirty-five yards but fired the ball over the crossbar. Webster then linked with Ethan Walker and Josh Byres to press forward but Liam Fraser shadowed Byres and cleared.

However in the forty-sixth minute, the pressure that the home side exerted paid off and Jay Stockto drove forward and sent it past Mottram from the edge of the box to add his name to the scoresheet.

The visitors tried to create chances and Nadia Sopel broke through the middle and raced towards the box but Fraser Allan held well and cleared.

Dyce were soon on the attack again when Walker laid the ball back for Lewecki who broke into the box and slipped it past Mottram in the fifty-first minute.

The home side kept up their quick pace, with Lewecki shooting from thirty yards. The ball was pushed wide by Mottram but Stockton followed up to put it in from the edge of the box in the fifty-fifth minute.

Deveronvale pressed forward with some interchanging play from Josh Buchan and Sopel but neither could find a gap in Dyce’s defence. McDermott put the ball into space for Sopel but Dyce cleared before she could find an opening to shoot.

Stockton made a break down the wing before laying the ball back for Webster. He drove down the middle of the pitch and sent it past Mottram from the edge of the box to extend his side’s lead in the sixty-third minute.

The visitors had another chance through a free kick at twenty-two yards and wide to the right. Buxton put the ball into the box but the Dyce defence put it out of play, and Deveronvale were unable to create a scoring chance from the ensuing corner.

However Dyce had one final statement to make, with Stockton and Webster linking one last time before Webster slipped the ball in from inside the box in the sixty-fifth minute.

  • Full Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 7-0
  • Deveronvale FC


Dyce BC
Deveronvale FC
1. Harry Cowie
2. Fraser Allan
3. Eli Whitelaw
4. Rhys Clark
5. Kyle Murphy
6. Reis Webster
7. Ethan Walker
8. Josh Byres
9. Kacper Lewecki
10. Robbie Urquhart
11. Jay Stockton
12. Dylan Cumming
14. Lee Taggart
15. Matteo Carlier
17. Coby Stewart
21. Haydn Mottram
4. Liam Fraser
5. Campbell McDermott
7. Josh Buchan
8. Kyle Buxton
9. Daniel McKay
10. Lewis Grieve
11. Max Stewart
12. Grant Gordon
15. Jamie Williamson
16. Nadia Sopel
17. Glen Morrison
18. Ciaran Mark
19. Jay Robertson
20. Dylan Smith
Star Player
Dyce BC
Deveronvale FC
Kacper Lewecki was a prominent figure in attack for Dyce throughout the game, taking several shots himself as well as creating chances for his teammates.
Haydn Mottram made some fantastic saves throughout the game, denying Dyce several scoring opportunities.
Magic Moment
Dyce BC
Deveronvale FC
Lewecki began a wonderful counter attack and was able to pass the ball wide for a shot inside the box by Reis Webster that brushed the keepers fingers and found the back of the net.
Buxton crossed a beautiful ball into the box through a free-kick but it was unfortunately cleared, a wonderful free-kick nevertheless.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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