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A heart-warming gesture from Irvine Meadow 2006s

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Irvine Meadow 2006's handing over the cheque Irvine Meadow 2006's handing over the cheque
Ahead of the weekend, we look at a heart-warming story from the 2006 Irvine Meadow boys, who made a fantastic charitable gesture yesterday.
On 22nd March it was World Down’s Syndrome Day, which aims to raise awareness of the condition that affects 60,000 people across the United Kingdom.
The 2006 Irvine Meadow boys decided that they wanted to help bring our attention to the cause, and did so by donating an impressive £200 to the Down’s Syndrome Scotland Ayrshire branch yesterday.
A great show of the young boys character, which is not the first time the boys have decided to donate to a local organisation, showing that there are bigger things in life than football.
Last night, a representative from the Ayrshire branch attended the boys training with her son to receive the cheque.
It is with great gestures like this that we remember to help those around us who need it most, and the 2006 Irvine Meadow boys exemplify that attitude. 
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