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St. John's High School seal National Senior Shield Cup title for a second time

Graeme High School 2

Romanis 42, Fleming 90+3

St. John's High School 3

Meekison 80 (p), McGrath 90, Cameron 90+1
  • Friday, 26 April 2019
  • Hampden Park
  • Under 18´s
  • School's Senior National Shield

An action-packed Cup Final clash at Hampden Park on Friday saw Dundee's St. John's High School triumph over Graeme High School of Falkirk to claim their second Senior National Shield since 2016. 

Graeme High School found themselves unlucky after holding a 1-0 lead over St.John's from the 42nd minute, with a carefully placed finish from Wilson Romanis.
St. John's however finally caught their break in the 80th minute, when Lyall Cameron, who remained a constant threat throughout the fixture, was brought down by Graeme's keeper, Luca Sandberg, in the penalty area.
It was the calm disposition of Archie Meekison which brought the teams level at 1-1, after slotting the ball into the left-hand side of the net from the penalty spot, which was met by roars from the St. John's support.

While St. John's certainly earned their victory, both teams had their fair share of chances throughout the fixture; including the effort in the 11th minute from Romanis which was saved by Ross Matthews in a one on one encounter. 

Kai Fotheringham also found himself unlucky with an effort in the 44th minute which was hammered at Matthews and sent out for a corner. 

The 37th minute saw both teams attempting to hit one another on the break, as the Hampden crowd were treated to end to end action. 

Soon after in the 40th minute, St. John's Captain, Ross McNaughton, who commanded midfield throughout the fixture, raced up front before sending a low ball through to Grady McGrath, who's shot was well defended by the Graeme full backs. 


  • Half Time:
  • Graeme High School
  • 1-0
  • St. John's High School

Graeme High School kicked-off the second half confidently with their 1-0 lead, as Jack Hodge and Fotheringham shared some lovely one-two passing on the right wing in the 50th minute, before an opening lead to a shot from Romanis, which was well saved by Matthews. 

St. John's perseverance soon caused a stir in the 60th minute, as quick feet from Cameron Ross and Cameron continuously pressured the Graeme defence, which received encouragement from their support.

The final ten minutes had both teams having all to play for, while Cameron continued to trouble the Graeme defence with an effort soaring just wide in the 83rd minute, Graeme's Romanis continued to fire balls into the box in the hope that it may break for one of his teammates. 

It was the determination of St. John's which gave them the edge needed to seal them the victory as the 90th minute approached, when McGrath caught the ball in the box, setting it up for himself with his first touch and firing it into the back of the net with his second, which resulted in a famous Hampden roar from the crowd. 

However, St. John's ruthless attack didn't settle as the game entered extra time, with a lovely turn from Meekison in the final third putting him into space to set up Cameron, who's perseverance finally paid off with a goal. 

Cameron sent the ball soaring across the front of Sandberg and into the far side of the net, bringing the scoreline to 3-1. 

The Hampden crowd continued to be treated to the sight of goals in extra time, as Hodge sent a free kick straight into the penalty area from just in front of the half-way line, where it bounced and broke for Ryan Fleming who calmly placed the ball into the net and earned Graeme High School a consolation goal at 3-2. 

Graeme's defence continued to work exceptionally hard in an attempt to keep St. John's at bay throughout the match, especially Kyle Ewing, who's series of crunching tackles caused frustration amongst the St. John's attack. 

While both teams fought hard throughout the fixture, with both having a series of close chances, it was the excellence of St. John's finishing in the final third which clinched them Cup Final glory.

  • Full Time:
  • Graeme High School
  • 2-3
  • St. John's High School


Graeme High School
St. John's High School
1. Luca Sandberg
2. Jack Lapsley
3. Martin France
4. Jamie Scott (C)
5. Kyle Ewing
6. Ryan Fleming
7. Ryan McKay
8. Dylan Tennant
9. Wilson Romanis
10. Jack Hodge
11. Kai Fotheringham
Kai Wilson
Fraser Payne
Stuart McLeod
Blair Sneddon
Daniel Agnew
1. Ross Matthews
2. Cameron Ross
3. Callum Bisset
4. Dylan Harkin
5. Lewis Fraser
6. Findlay Robertson
7. Ross McNaughton (C)
8. Cameron McCormack
9. Lyall Cameron
10. Archie Meekison
11. Grady McGrath
12. Daniel Berry
14. Brandon Donnelly
15. Liam Clark
16. Kier Murray
17. Gregor Folan
Star Player
Graeme High School
St. John's High School
Graeme's star player was Kyle Ewing. Although the Graeme defence lost three goals, Ewing worked continuously to keep the St. John's attack at bay and also had a chance at goal in the second half.
St. John's star player has to be Lyall Cameron. He exhibited excellent pace and footwork throughout the fixture and remained a thorn in the side of the Graeme defence throughout. He also sealed St. John's the victory with that extra goal, which was a superb finish.
Magic Moment
Graeme High School
St. John's High School
Graeme's magic moment had to be the goal from Wilson Romanis which put Graeme 1-0 up in the first half. Until then St. John's seemed to be dominating the game, and that moment changed the dynamic of the first half.
St. John's magic moment had to be the goal from McGrath to give them the 2-1 lead. Although the goal itself was taken calmly, the reaction from St. John's and their support was phenomenal; everyone was united in celebration.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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