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YFS TV showreel video offer

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Have you ever wanted your own player showreel video? YFS offers a service, which allows you to get exactly that. You have the chance to analyse your performance from any match in the YFS archives, work together with one of our experts to pick out the highlights and then sit back as our video team produce a top class video showcasing you in action.
Watch the below example to get a flavour of what to expect:
The service typically costs £90, however with our video editing team unable to work on any matches, we have decided to offer a 'pay what you can' policy. It is tough times for everyone in our community, in many cases financially, and we want to make sure this is open to everyone.
Simply donate what you can below, list your name, team and match ID(s) in the comments (click here for list of match IDs), and we will produce your showreel video as soon as we can. Thank you for supporting YFS.
Last modified on Thursday, 19 March 2020 15:04
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