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Renton Craigandro club photo day: Order your photos now

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On Monday 21st August, the YFS team visited Renton Craigandro for their Club Photo Day. Team, individual and special request photos were taken across all age groups. The photos can be found by clicking here.
On Monday 28th August between 6-7pm, YFS will return to the club and deliver all of the photos ordered. Whilst the pre-order special offer has now passed, you still have the opportunity to make a saving against regular prices. All photo prints (8x6 with boarded frame), keyrings and fridge magnets will be available for £7 until that evening. Afterwards, regular pricing will apply.
If you pre-ordered a bundle and did not specify your photo numbers on the night, click here to use the YFS contact form and let us know.
We strongly recommend that you order your photos ahead of the evening using the form below. All orders made in advance will be ready to pick up. We will accept orders made on the night, but there is likely to be a waiting period.
When ordering, please use the photo numbers on the website and NOT the photo numbers displayed on Monday evening.
Photo order form:
Example of what to enter in the 'item and photo numbers' box:
Frame - 2006 Pic 5 (x2), Keyring - 2006 Pic 10, Magnet - 2006 Pic 7.
Number of items
Your items & photo numbers
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