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Falcons score late goal to secure victory in County Cup quarter final

Armadale Falcons Calcio 1

Erskine 67

Victoria FC 0

  • Friday, 21 February 2014
  • Armadale Academy 3G
  • Under 14´s
  • Country Cup - Quarter Final
Omar Malik

Omar Malik | YFS South East Region Journalist
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It was certainly one of the more memorable matches for the Country Cup Quarter Finals. Despite the tense environment, both teams stayed resilient in their attempt to score a goal, using their team-working skills to be victorious, however after a yellow card for many including Marcus Gillfillan, Craig Fleming and Jack Stirling, it was Lewis Mollen that scored Armadale to victory and a place in the semi-final.
At the very beginning of the match it seemed as though  both teams were going to score a goal early on, with Andrew Topping only missing the goal by a number of inches after the ball hit the post, was blocked by Lewis O'Neil and again by the goalie, showing his eagerness to score a goal for Armadale despite numerous setbacks.
Around twenty minutes into the match there was expertly done skill work from David Fagan, who successfully kicked the ball back from James Sharp's grasp into the right-hand corner of the pitch just as he was about to score, with no other defenders by the goalkeeper in sight, which may have changed the entire outcome of the match had he scored. 
A few moments later Marcus Gillfillan attempted two times again to score for Armadale, but by standing in the centre of the goal only inches away from him, with no surrounding players to distract him, he quickly defended the ball from going in.
Only a minute before the half time whistle Jack Stirling was given a yellow card for tripping up Marcus Gillfillan, however after apologising to the referee he behaved much better for the remainder of the game. Shortly after this incident the half time whistle was blown.
  • Half Time:
  • Armadale Falcons Calcio
  • 0-0
  • Victoria FC
Both teams were raring to score a goal before the full time whistle was blown in order to avoid extra time and penalties, as both teams were eager to ensure they won before this happened. Only moments after the whistle for the second half of the match was blown, Marcus Gillfillan was given a yellow card for tripping up Krystian Kis after he almost scored a goal for Victoria, but promised not to do so again.
Whilst running with the ball to hopefully score for Armadale, Lewis Mollen tripped over the ball whilst trying to avoid Victoria from getting the ball, and he was taken off by his coach after displaying his injured arm, however he was soon allowed back on.
One of the most memorable moments of the match was ten minutes before the final whistle, when Craig Fleming performed a corner kick and Aiden Rooney, despite being crowded by Armadale players and being metres away from the goal and not in full sight of the goal because of the many players, almost scored for his team, but the goalkeeper only just blocked it, however this showed the determination from him and Victoria as a whole to do the best they could.
There was another impressive goal moments after Aiden's near goal, as despite being mid-pitch, Lewis Mollen only just missed scoring a goal for Armadale, with the ball hitting the post after being a matter of inches away from the goal. Had it not been so windy Lewis may have scored the incredible goal, as the shot was so powerful that the goalkeeper may not have had enough time to defend the goal.
Craig Fleming, only four minutes before the final whistle, was given a yellow card for tripping up Aaron Landels, however was allowed by the referee to play the rest of the game without being given a long warning, due to the fact that the score was still 0-0 with only minutes left.
With only a minute left of the match, both the spectators and players were almost sure that they would have to play penalties to discover the winning team, however in a shocking and surprise move Lewis Mollen, whilst kicking the ball away from Victoria's reach, took the ball and after seeing that the goal area was clear for that moment, scored straight into the centre of the goals, despite being near the corner of the pitch. In a matter of seconds the final whistle was blown, leading Armadale to victory and despair for the unlucky Victoria.
  • Full Time:
  • Armadale Falcons Calcio
  • 1-0
  • Victoria FC


Armadale Falcons Calcio
Victoria FC
1. Kyle Williamson
4. Lewis Mollen
5. Glen Mason
6. Aaron Landels
7. Robbie Dougall
8. Ory Heggie
9. Adam Fairbairn
10. Aidan Walshe
11. Marcus Gillfillan
13. Cameron Arnott
15. Finlay Brownbridge
16. Andrew Topping
17. Jack Brown
1. Aiden Lafferty
4. Craig Fleming
5. Lewis O'Neil
7. Dylan Cooke
8. Cameron Caldwell
9. Ruari Gartshore
10. Jack Stirling
11. Craig Cumming
12. Krystian Kis
13. Fraser McIlwaine
15. Lewis Allan
16. Ryan McGroth
17. Aiden Rooney
20. David Fagan
Star Player
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Victoria FC
Marcus Gillfillan was the star player in this match for his determination to lead his team to victory by endlessly trying to score goals despite Victoria's goalkeeper defending.
David Fagan is Victoria's star player for this match for his multiple tricks to put off his team's opponents, such as kicking the ball midfield after Marcus Gillfillan nearly scored.
Magic Moment
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Victoria FC
The key moment from Calcio was their surprise goal in the last minute of the game, which needless to say secured them a semi final place.
For Victoria, their magic moment has to be in the last ten minutes of the game, when Craig Fleming performed a corner kick and Aiden Rooney, despite being crowded by Calcio players and being metres away from the goal, almost scored for his team, but the goalie only just defended, however this showed the grit and determination throughout the team as well as their incredible teamwork.
Club Views
Armadale Falcons Calcio
Victoria FC
Ross Williamson, secretary of Armadale Falcons Calcio, said: "Calcio won just because they wanted it that bit more."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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