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Edinburgh South Colts triumphant against Currie Star Whites in end to end game

Currie Star Whites 0

Edinburgh South Colts 4

Harvey, 9, 15, 39, Avendano 59
  • Sunday, 08 March 2015
  • Meggetland
  • Under 13´s
  • Division 4
Daniel Dormer

Daniel Dormer | YFS South East Region Journalist
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With Edinburgh getting a valuable win over Currie Star who are still searching for their first win, this game was filled with exciting moments as the two teams battled it out on a sunny morning in Meggetland. Edinburgh taking more chances but with Currie still in the game throughout, it was a close and tense game despite the scoreline.

Edinburgh kicked off with the first chance as they were doing loose passes around the box before Ben Potter had a light shot at goal that Keelan Henderson picked up easily to make his first save of the day.
Currie Star bounced right back at them with lots of passes in the Edinburgh box, where Mathew Mcdonald had his turn at shooting at goal but failed to hit the target.
Callum Harvey opened the scoring for Edinburgh taking advantage of a great over the top ball to him where he half-half volley the ball over the head of Henderson from the edge of the box and scored to make the score 1-0 after just 9 minutes.
Once again Currie responded quickly as Mcdonald played the ball through to Kevin Essah who was taken down in the box for a penalty. Mcdonald striked the ball from the spot but just sent the ball wide for a goal kick.
The game was going end to end as Edinburgh came up with next chance as Ethan Dykes passed the ball through to Harvey who did a simple tap into the corner, giving Edinburgh a 2-0 lead.
Mcdonald had another chance as Currie were doing good passing, leading to Mcdonalds shot from 10 yards out but was well saved by keeper Finn Watkins.
After 20 minutes had passed Essah sparked the game up as he had a great run from the halfway line where he took the ball all the way to the box using his pace before offloading the ball to Mcdonald who took the shot but once again hit the ball wide.
Dykes came up with the next chance as he played the ball wide to the right where Harvey had a firm shot at goal that was saved by Henderson and cleared by the Currie defence.
Currie came straight back at them as Mcdonald did a good stepover before playing a great ball through to Sam Brookes who was one on one with the keeper but Watkins came out on top as he made a great save to put the ball wide for a corner. Cameron bond took the corner kick, crossing a great ball into Mcdonald who's volley was too light and was easily saved by the keeper.
Currie had one more chance before the end of the first half as Essah passed the ball through to Mcdonald who played the ball across the goal to Brookes but was too late as he saw the ball go past his foot for a goal kick.
  • Half Time:
  • Currie Star Whites
  • 0-2
  • Edinburgh South Colts
Staright after the restart Edinburgh got a corner that was originally cleared but only as far as Harvey who took a shot from long range which was deflected and sent the substitute keeper Kacper Marek the wrong way whilst sending the ball into the back of the net advancing the score to 3-0.
A long wait was needed for next chance as Currie approached the Edinburgh area with Oliver Dormer who attempted to play the ball across goal but the keeper did well to intercept the pass and get it cleared.
Edinburgh started to dominate again as the ball was played across the Currie goal this time only Pablo Avendano had to slide down to get contact and unfortunatly that was all he could do as the ball went wide for Marek to take for a goal kick.
The final goal of the game came after 59 minutes as Kieran Harvey played a good ball to Pablo Avendano who had an even better finish into the bottom left corner to change the score to 4-0.
The last 10 minutes of the game were very slow with just one notable chance as Edinburgh passed the ball around the Currie penalty area before Fraser Bean had a first time shot that at first looked well over the bar but dipped just a little too late and sent the ball behind the goal and ending the game at 4-0.
  • Full Time:
  • Currie Star Whites
  • 0-4
  • Edinburgh South Colts


Currie Star Whites
Edinburgh South Colts
1. Kacper Marek
2. Max Watson
3. Keelan Henderson
4. Josh Borthwick
5. Lewis Obrien
7. Aidan Sturrock
8. Cameron Bond
9. Sam Brookes
10. Harris Anderson
11. Oliver Dormer
12. Caitlin Meir
13. Kevin Essah
14. Fraser Caldwell
19. Mathew Mcdonald
1. Finn Watkins
2. Ross Mitchell
3. Matthew Porter
4. Ethan Dykes
5. Pablo Avendano
6. Owen McGhee
7. Kieran Harvey
8. Ben Potter
9. Andrew Scott
14. Fraser Bean
15. Bradley Chalmers
16. Tafadzwa Mupfukudzwa
17. Kenneth Slaven
18. Callum Harvey
20. Josh Wilson
Star Player
Currie Star Whites
Edinburgh South Colts
Kevin Essah played the best for Currie as he was very energetic throughout the game, creating lots of chances for his team.
Callum Harvey played great for Edinburgh because he attacked every ball that came to him and had great finishing that got him a hat-trick
Magic Moment
Currie Star Whites
Edinburgh South Colts
Kevin Essah's run from the halfway line was fantastic and sparked the game up for Currie
Callum Harvey's first goal as it opened the scoring with a great goal as he had lobbed the keeper from a half volley and scored after being one on one.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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