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Penicuik comeback against Currie in bottom half clash

Currie Star Blues 2

Towers 7, 16

Penicuik Athletic YFC 4

Friars 14, 62, Dunlop 56, 70
  • Sunday, 22 February 2015
  • Meggetland
  • Under 13´s
  • Division 3
Daniel Dormer

Daniel Dormer | YFS South East Region Journalist
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A very windy day on the grass pitches at Meggetland was the venue for a very exciting fixture between Currie Star and Penicuik where there were sights of both teams winning throughout the game and with both teams needing a win to climb up the table towards the end of the season.
Penicuik had the first chance of the game through Blair Friars who received the ball in the box where he had a shot that was well saved but only for Friars to have another shot that was well saved by Matthew Lewis.
After a few minutes of Penicuik attacks Currie managed to counter when a forward was taken down near the edge of the box. Two Currie players stood over the ball and Joe Sinclair laid the ball back to GeorgeTowers who had great accuracy to make the ball fly into the top corner opening the scoring after just 7 minutes of play.
Penicuik seeking to get an equaliser had corner that came in from the left from Friar who crossed it to Ben Viola who had a good header that could only go into the side netting.
They were on the move again as Ethan Mooney ran down the wing before passing it to Viola who cut it back to Friars who had another shot at goal this going into the corner to even up the scores at 1-1.
Just two minutes later Currie were awarded another freekick on the edge of the box, where Towers lined the ball up once again. His shot wasn’t as accurate this time as it went down the middle but unfortunately bounced over the Penicuik keepers head and into the net giving Currie the lead once again.
After a few minutes of Penicuik forward movements, including lots of corners the biggest chance came as Friars whipped in another ball that Matthew Ragwar managed to knock on as the ball almost trickled over the line before Lewis managed to clear the ball of the line and safely away from the goal-line.
The away team were piling on the pressure as Friars had a freekick on the wing where he lofted the ball into the box but the resulting header went behind for a corner, Friars again taking playing it to Mooney who had a go on goal that was parried once again by Currie keeper Lewis making sure Currie went into half time with a 2-1 lead.
  • Half Time:
  • Currie Star Blues
  • 2-1
  • Penicuik Athletic YFC
Penicuik dominated the whole of the second half, starting off promisingly as the ball was played across goal to Robbie McNeil whose shot was saved greatly by Lewis who had good reflexes to get to the ball.
Just a minute later Friars received the ball on the wing where he cut it back to Viola who sliced the ball over the bar for a goal kick.
Friars got the ball again, playing a long ball across the goal to McNeil who cut it back to Jamie Dunlop who flicked the ball up before having a shot but it was caught by keeper Lewis once again.
Penicuik had a massive chance to equalise as Mooney was played through for a 3v1 with the keeper, though hew tried to pass it past the keeper to Viola who had an open net but was offside.
50 minutes had passed and Penicuik were still dominating the game, not giving Currie a sniff around there goal area. McNeil had a good chance as Mooney chipped the ball over to him where he attempted to lob the ball over the keepers head on a half volley but it hit the crossbar and went out for a goal kick.
Penicuik’s prayers were finally answered as the ball is messing around in the box before Dunlop shot the ball across goal which deflected and went in drawing the game up to level terms for the second time.
Just after the hour mark Currie were under a bad run of luck as a defender hand balled the box, and the referee had to call for a Penicuik penalty. Friars stepped up and scored the penalty low and into the corner to give Penicuik the lead for the first time in the game.
Penicuik seemed to ease off a bit but that didn’t stop them creating chances as Dunlop had a freekick from the wing that he shot over the wall and only just went wide.
The game was coming to a close but to rub salt in the wounds Penicuik managed another goal as Calum Curtis played the ball across the goal mouth to Dunlop who finished off the game with a two goal lead.
  • Full Time:
  • Currie Star Blues
  • 2-4
  • Penicuik Athletic YFC


Currie Star Blues
Penicuik Athletic YFC
1. Gavin Hendry
2. Charlie Annen
3. Jamie Blyth
4. Matthew Lewis
5. Luke Milligan
6. Joe Sinclair
7. George Towers
8. Scott Barton
9. Lewis Murray
10. Ollie Hiemann
11. Kaiden Stannard
13. Luois Kennedy
14. Ryan Ness
15. Lewis MacDougall
16. Rory McCrae
17. Harry Mack
18. Kyle Clark
2. Ben Viola
3. Cameron McKelvey
4. Liam Boal
5. Calum Curtis
6. Robbie McNeil
8. Blair Friars
9. Jamie Dunlop
10. Ethan Mooney
11. John Graham
12. Jake Hogg
13. Matthew Ragwar
14. Jack Gulam
16. Christopher McDonald
17. David Halliday
18. Aidan Ward
Star Player
Currie Star Blues
Penicuik Athletic YFC
Matthew Lewis kept Currie in the game for a long time making numerous good saves throughout the game, as well as he was not a proper goalkeeper.
Blair Friars was dominating the game in the midfield as he received and passed the ball well many times, as well as getting two goals for himself.
Magic Moment
Currie Star Blues
Penicuik Athletic YFC
George Towers freekick goal early on boosted Currie's morale massively as it was a great finish and thrived them on to try and defend their lead.
Jamie Dunlops equaliser made the Penicuik players jump in joy to see there team get into the driving seat of the game with the goal.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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