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Musselburgh Windsor Goalkeeping Academy takes off

Written by  Jim McLean
When Scott Robertson returned to Musselburgh Windsor as Club President, one of the first things he did was introduce a decicated academy for the Goalkeepers at the club. With tremendous support from both the clubs' board and general committee, they decided the 'forgotten' position of of goalkeeper needed addressing. The next step for Scott was to approach myself, Jim McLean.
35 years a Goalkeeping development coach ,qualifications with both the SFA and KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) I was brought in to oversee the creation of an academy for Goalkeeping development at Musselburgh Windsor. 
The academy provides the safe, fun environment and quality coaching for the keepers to learn and develop their goalkeeping and life skills. The 'Goalkeepers Union' is one of the strongest unions in the world, and for these goalkeepers to train together every week is invaluable. The reward for myself and Scott Robertson is ultimately seeing these goalkeepers develop as footballers, but also as people. We try as much as possible between all of the coaches to seeing these goalkeepers outside of training by attending games, and showing our commitment to each and every one of the boys/girls in gloves I have been told is greatly appreciated by them.
The structure of the Goalkeeping Academy is as follows.
GK Academy Director - Jim MacLean
Development Co-ordinator - Kevin Higginson
Associate Coaches consultant - Bob Warby - Elite glove supplier
Senior Section (U13s - Amateurs)                                                           
Coach - Mike Windram
Coach - Kieran Green - Former MWFC GK, Qualified Referee
Coach - Mikey Welsh - Current MWFC Amateur GK
Coach - Daniel Laing - Current MWFC U21's GK
Junior Section (U12's & Below)
Coach - Charles Brooks 
Coach - Graeme Ayton
Coach - Dominic Falconer - Qualified Referee
When we set out in October 2014 our aim was in providing quality tuition to these goalkeepers, and we would enhance the general standards of all Musselburgh Windsor Goalkeepers. The academy would also let potential new players to the club see that we will advance their skills in all areas.
Since last season we currently have a keeper that signed with the club after being being persuaded by the knowledge of goalkeeping
development coaching, but commutes all the way from Coldstream. The engagement we have made with the goalkeepers has given them this dedication and commitment to travel from far distances. Their parents must be delighted with all that travelling.
We now have potentially 22 keepers age appropriate for the academy, with only one of them missing the opening week of this season's academy due to
work commitments.
When Scott brought me in last season, I knew we could all create a superb academy for these goalkeepers to enjoy and to develop themselves, and that is exactly what we are doing now here at Musselburgh Windsor.
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