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Bonnyrigg Rose get comfortable win over Currie Star

Currie Star FC 1

Cowan 35+1'

Bonnyrigg Rose FC 5

Clelland 26', McNulty 41', Waugh 47', Gardner 53', Cormack 65'
  • Sunday, 10 January 2016
  • Meggetland 3G
  • Under 14´s
  • South East Region YFL - Division 2
Daniel Dormer

Daniel Dormer | YFS South East Region Journalist
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A big game between Currie Star and Bonnyrigg Rose took place as they faced off in a division two match at Meggetland. Bonnyrigg dominated the first fifteen minutes with an all out attacking style before Currie made some attacking moves going into halftime. In the second half Bonnyrigg dominated as the team that is second in the league managed an impressive four goals against the home side winning the game confidently.

The game kicked off with a shot straight off the bat as an intercepted pass from the KO went to Marc McNulty who had a strike on the half volley but could only see the ball fly over the goal.

Dean Angus had a shot soon after as he cut inside from the left wing, hitting with his right but only managing the end result of an opposing goal kick.

The away side kept up with their dominant play as Dylan Waugh played a one two with Jack Clelland before trying shot across goal that failed to hit the target.

Alex Muir attempted to challenge the defence as he got on the receiving end of a cross from Clelland but could only get slight touch, missing the target and letting Currie off once again.

The best chance so far followed as Sam Gardner played a ball over the top for McNulty putting him one on one with keeper James Molyneux but a mis kick of the finish put the ball behind for an agonizing goal kick leaving Bonnyrigg wondering how they were not ahead.

Twenty minutes past and Currie started to get the ball forward as Ryan Cowan headed towards the goal, narrowly missing the goal from an Andrew Ingles corner.

The visitors broke the deadlock with a goal through Clelland who hit Currie on the counter, driving along the right wing before smashing the ball into roof of the net putting Bonnyrigg ahead in the competition at 1-0.

The hosts looked to strike back as a fairly long distance freekick was taken by Liam Livingston made keeper Cameron Duncan work but it was well caught in the end.

They came straight back as Livingston played a long ball from halfway into the box where a defender headed the ball in the air for Emilio Martone to try a thundering volley that could only go as far as a goal kick.

Bonnyrigg showed they were alert throughout the game as Clelland picked up on a defensive mistake but keeper Molyneux made a crucial tackle leaving Currie still at just a one goal deficit.

Just on the brace of halftime Currie managed to fit in an equaliser as Ingles played in a low corner form the left that Cowan flicked on into the bottom corner giving the home side an all square game into halftime.

  • Half Time:
  • Currie Star FC
  • 1-1
  • Bonnyrigg Rose FC

The first chances of the second half came from Currie as both Konrad Cooper and Emilio Martone had attempts on goal, none of them coming to any avail.

The hosts were off the hook once again as a ball from Clelland slipped through the defensive line to Muir who just couldn’t get the finishing touch on chance so close to the goal.

A goal from McNulty put Bonnyrigg in the lead again as he was played through one on one and finished coolly after forty minutes of play time.

The visitors were relentless with their attacks after the goal as a goalkeeper clearance was short and intercepted by Sean Hancock who tried a strike on goal but could only see it go wide, which was the same result of a freekick by Gardner that was only parried with the rebound by Thomas Weir missing net as well.

A Dean Angus layoff was all that was needed for Waugh whose shot lofted over the keepers head making it three for the away side and making the game more comfortable for the Rose.

They scored again soon after, this time Gardner, as a decent shot on goal was saved but the defence couldn’t react quick enough as Gardner finished the ball into the net for 4-1 and almost sealing up the game.

Into the last ten minutes of the game and Bonnyrigg couldn’t stop as they received a penalty that Jay Cormack stepped up to take. He stroked it into the bottom right corner under the keeper putting the visitors up at five.

Currie had a few late chances on goal through Ben Steel and Dylan Brown but substitute keeper Kadin Boak kept out any chances of a consolation and ending the game with a comfortable Bonnyrigg win.

  • Full Time:
  • Currie Star FC
  • 1-5
  • Bonnyrigg Rose FC


Currie Star FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
1. James Molyneux
2. Charlie Annan
3. Jamie Blyth
6. Liam Livingston
7. Bryan Blackburn
8. Andrew Ingles
9. Sandy Bendle
10. James Mackie
11. Ben McLellan
12. Kristian Varley
14. Dylan Brown
15. Konrad Cooper
16. Ryan Cowan
17. Ben Steel
18. Emilio Mertone
20. Rory McCrae
1. Kadin Boak
2. Jay Docherty
3. Ethan Thompson
4. Jack Clelland
5. Dean Angus
6. Dylan Waughv 7. Sean Hancockv 10. Marc McNulty
11. Cameron Duncan
12. Aaman Butt
14. Jay Scott
15. Max Mouat
16. Alex Muir
17. Sam Gardner
18. Thomas Weir
20. Dylan Hutchison
27. Jay Cormack
51. Craig Charters
Star Player
Currie Star FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
Ryan Cowan - He put a lot of effort into his game, putting in a good amount of tackles and working his share
Jack Clelland - He was very involved with a lot of attacking moves and was always bringing different possibilities to the game.
Magic Moment
Currie Star FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
Cowan's goal was good move from a set piece and was very nicely worked by him and his team.
Clelland's drive and then strike was a brilliant solo goal and helped Bonnyrigg's confidence into winning the game.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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