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Edinburgh South come back against St Bernards in eight goal cup final thriller

St Bernards BC Midlothian 3

Sim (3’, 30’) McCormack (35’)

Edinburgh South CFC 5

A. Saleem (10’) H. Saleem (12’, 70’) Hamilton (52’) Neilson (63’)
  • Sunday, 19 March 2017
  • New Dundas Park, Bonnyrigg
  • Under 13´s
  • George Salmon Cup - Final

Edinburgh South CFC came back from a goal down at half time to score three of their own in the second half to beat St Bernards BC Midlothian. This non-stop match displayed great performances from both sides and had several highly impressive strikes by the goal scorers. However, it was Edinburgh South who triumphed and left New Dundas Park with the George Salmon Cup.

The scoring got underway early on as St Bernards took the lead in the 3rd minute. Louie Crawford played the ball from outside the penalty area into Ryan Sim on the left-hand side of the box who shot near post to beat the Edinburgh South keeper, Evan Hawkins and put his team ahead.

Edinburgh South were quick to bounce back from the early goal as they equalised in the 10th minute. Haseeb Saleem squared the ball from the right side of the penalty box to Arham Saleem at the opposite end who had an easy tap into an empty net.

The red side doubled their scoring moments later in the 12th minute. Daniel Thomson linked up well with Haseeb Saleem who set up their first goal to gain their second as he thundered in a strike high into the centre of the goal from the right flank.

Edinburgh South had a chance to add a third goal to their tally as their star player, Haseeb Saleem was brought down in the box and the referee awarded the penalty.
Michael Ward stepped up in the 23rd minute to sink away the strike into the goal but the effort was not on target as the ball flew over the crossbar.

As a result, St Benards took the opportunity to level the score thanks to great team created counter attack in the 30th minute. Robbie McCormack sent in a great ball from the left-hand side to Jake Smith outside the penalty area who subsequently sent in Sim a ball in the box who shot home to bring the scoring to two apiece.

On the stroke of half time St Benards went ahead thanks to easily the goal of the game if not for their season. McCormack dribbled the ball in the 35th minute until he was central of the goal about 15 yards out to then fire in a bullet of a strike that arrived perfectly into the top right hand corner of the goal leaving the keeper no chance of saving the magnificent effort. 

  • Half Time:
  • St Bernards BC Midlothian
  • 3-2
  • Edinburgh South CFC

Despite being a goal down, Edinburgh South came out fighting in the second half and their efforts were awarded with a goal in the 52nd minute. Haseeb Saleem added another assist to his game as he set up Murray Hamilton from the left side to the centre.

Similar to McCormack’s effort, Hamilton fired a shot from range which was going towards the top centre of the net. St Bernards keeper, Ryan Wilkinson believed the ball was going over the crossbar but unfortunately for the keeper it arrives in the back of the net.

With their confidence back and playing with good momentum, Edinburgh South continue to fight for the winning goal which does eventually come in the 63rd minute. The goal scorer from the previous effort, Hamilton begins the build-up play of the next strike by playing the ball to Haseeb Saleem who subsequently plays in Michael Ward on the right side of the penalty box.

Ward then takes the keeper out the game by squaring the ball across goal to Harvey Neilson who taps in the effort. The hero scorer is embraced by all his team mates, including their goalkeeper as he had secured them the winning strike in this enthralling cup final.

 And in the 70th minute, Haseeb Saleem put the final nail in the coffin for St Bernards as they got their fifth of the game. Saleem shot towards the near post on the left-hand side, beating the keeper and rightfully earning himself the star player award for his side and cementing their position as champions of the George Salmon Cup. 

  • Full Time:
  • St Bernards BC Midlothian
  • 3-5
  • Edinburgh South CFC


St Bernards BC Midlothian
Edinburgh South CFC
1 Ryan Wilkinson
2 Marcis McIntyre
18 Ryhs Walsh
6 Daryl Grieve
7 Jack Lang
8 Jake Smith
10 Louie Crawford
11 Aiden Kennedy
12 Kieron Gillian
14 Robbie McCormack
16 Ryan Sim
25 (C) Brian McCabe
3 Aidan Carnie
5 Kanye Green
21 Luke Davies
9 Aaron Robinson
1 Evan Hawkins
2 Charlie Chaudry
3 Nicholas Woods
4 Arham Saleem
6 (C)Sam Thomson
7 Daniel Thomson
8 Michael Ward
9 Jamie Woodrow
11 Murray Hamilton
17 Haseeb Saleem
18 Marc Stewart
5 Sean Paul Johnston
10 Younis Moussi
12 James Williamson
16 Harvey Neilson
Star Player
St Bernards BC Midlothian
Edinburgh South CFC
The star player for St Bernards was Ryan Sim. Despite netting in two crucial goals in this cup final, Ryan had a great ability on the ball and was very comfortable to take defenders on and on several occasions made his way into the penalty box and got a shot away as a result. Regardless of the final result, Ryan and the coaching staff should be very impressed by his performance on Sunday.
The star player for Edinburgh South was Haseeb Saleem. He was consistently involved throughout the game not only getting himself two assists but two very important goals too. Haseeb had a great ability to track his movement accordingly so that he could help his team out with creating chances or scoring them himself. If he can keep up this performance in other matches then he has a bright future in the grass roots game.
Magic Moment
St Bernards BC Midlothian
Edinburgh South CFC
St Bernards magic moment was their third goal in the 35th minute. It was an incredible by Robbie McCormack to not only have the audacity to shoot from range but to have the result be so powerful and accurate as well. The coaching staff at Edinburgh South even credited the magnificent effort following the conclusion to the match.
Edinburgh South's magic moment was their 4th and subsequently winning goal that came in the 63rd minute. While it was a easy tap in for Harvey Neilson, the passionate display from the players that followed showed how much this trophy meant to them and they thoroughly deserved it.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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