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Hutchie bag two in extra time to beat resilient Tynecastle in cup final

Tynecastle FC 0

Hutchison Vale FC 2

Whitehead 82, Renton 95
  • 0-2
  • Monday, 22 May 2017
  • New Byers Park, Gorebridge
  • Under 15´s
  • Division 1 League Cup - Final

Hutchison Vale FC left New Byers Park victorious as they netted twice in extra time to beat a tough Tynecastle FC side and win the Division 1 League Cup.

Hutchie had a goal disallowed in the first half and another effort headed off the line in the second but once an extra 20 minutes were to be played, Jamie Whitehead broke the deadlock as he netted two minutes into the run of play with Owen Renton bagging the second after 15 minutes of extra time.

Tynecastle had the opportunity to open the scoring early on as they had a chance in the 6th minute. Cameron Fraser’s run into the penalty area on the left side saw him challenge the keeper with a shot near post but Hutchie keeper, Dean Beveridge, met the effort.

Hutchie then had an effort from range in the 11th minute. Luke McLean played the ball to Fletcher Hendry who shot with right foot from outside the penalty area but the ball flew high over the crossbar. The yellow and black stripped side thought they had scored moments later but the effort was disallowed.

Hendry involved again sent through Keiron Rafferty on the right whom then sent in a cross that was met by Brandon Hunter. However, the initial effort was saved as the Tynecastle defenders cleared the ball away, only for Hutchie player, Jamie Whitehead to retrieve possession outside the area and challenge the keeper from range.

The effort was saved by keeper, Aaron Heap to the left side of goal with Brandon Hunter hitting the ball on the rebound into the net, however, the linesman flagged for offside and the goal disallowed.

With luck appearing to be in their favour, Tynecastle tried to use this momentum to gain the advantage with a chance that came in the 23rd minute. Scott Hunter cut onto his left foot in the left side of the penalty area and shot on goal but Beveridge saved the effort at the near post.

Tynecastle had another impressive chance only six minutes later. Scott Hunter played the ball from the right side of the field in the 29th minute to Cameron Fraser inside the area. Fraser then aimed for the bottom right hand corner but Beveridge rescued his side once again with a crucial save.

Tynecastle narrowly missed out on goal on the stroke of half time in arguably their best chance of the game. Scott Hunter again played a ball into the penalty box which was met with the headed effort of Steven Shore.

The keeper was beaten as the ball flew towards goal but struck the top left hand corner of the woodwork with Shore heading the rebound into the opposite side of goal, however, the keeper rushed to make the save. 

  • Half Time:
  • Tynecastle FC
  • 0-0
  • Hutchison Vale FC

The second half was similar to the first, both teams had their chances but neither could break the deadlock. However, an attempt from Tynecastle in the 49th almost made this not be the case.

A free kick taken by Robbie Neave on the right side of goal found Steven Shore inside the area. Shore played the ball off to Scott Jardine whose shot was blocked away on the line.

Moments later, Hutchie had an impressive effort of their own.

Jamie Whitehead’s charge down the left wing in the 51st minute allowed him to play the ball to Brandon Hunter. A ball was then sent to Owen Renton on the right, whom attempted to challenge the keeper who was off his line with a chipped effort. However, Tynecastle keeper, Aaron Heap tracked back to retrieve the effort.

Hutchie had another chance soon after in the 54th minute. Liam Boal’s free kick from 15 yards out found Brodie McNab in the box whom challenged the keeper in an effort to win the ball. The ball then dropped to Luke McLean who chose to hit the ball on the volley but it flew high and wide of the goal.

Tynecastle then decided to take note of this effort and attempt one of their own. In the 57th minute, Robbie Neave crossed the ball from the right side of the pitch to Luke Wilkie in the centre of the penalty box.

Wilkie then attempted to scissor kick the ball into the net, however, he mistimed the effort as the ball went out of play on the left side.

Hutchie’s best effort of the second half came in the 60th minute. Luke McLean played in Jamie Whitehead who had not only beat the defenders in the box but the keeper too as he shot towards an empty net from the left side.

However, the heroic service of Tynecastle defender, Scott Jardine cleared the ball off the line and over the crossbar, saving his team from going behind.

Hutchie had the chance to stop the game proceeding to extra time when the counter attacked in the 74th minute. James Gordon’s pass to Jamie Whitehead saw the forward go one on one with the keeper, however, instead of shooting and taking glory, he decided to attempt a pass across goal which was retrieved and cleared by the Tynecastle defence.

After two minutes of injury time played, the referee blew his whistle and the game was taken to extra time where 20 minutes decided who lifted the trophy if not it would be down to penalties. 

  • Full Time:
  • Tynecastle FC
  • 0-0
  • Hutchison Vale FC
The deadlock was broken just two minutes into extra time with Hutchison Vale taking the lead. Link up play between various players allowed James Gordon to find Jamie Whitehead inside the area whose initial shot was blocked, however, he struck the ball on the rebound placing it slightly past the keeper on the right side of net and putting his side ahead in this tough final. Hutchie doubled their lead in the second half after the entirety of the Tynecastle team, bar the keeper, were up for a corner. After clearing the ball away, Fletcher Hendry and Owen Renton charged up the field in 95th minute with only the keeper to beat and seal the win. Hendry led the attack on the left, drawing the keeper out to then selflessly passing across goal to Renton to tap the ball into an empty net and doubling their lead in extra time. The celebration from Renton that followed was reminiscent of that of Ryan Giggs in 99’ but with slightly less chest hair his coach added after the conclusion to the game. Five minutes later as the rain began to pour heavily down on New Byers Park, the referee blew the full-time whistle, crowning Hutchison Vale FC champions of the Division 1 League Cup.

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Final Result: 0-2


Tynecastle FC
Hutchison Vale FC
1. Aaron Heap
2. Jack Gammie
3. Luke Wilkie
5. Scott Jardine
7. Scott Hunter
8. Evan Scott
12. Cameron Fraser
14. Steven Shore
17. Jack Weir
18. Robbie Neave
19. Aaron Matheson
10. Ivan Alapiki
15. Blair Ramage
16. Ross Watson
1. Dean Beveridge
3. Ben Reilly
4. Jonny Gordon
5. Jamie Crawford
7. Owen Renton
9. Keiron Rafferty
10. Luke Mclean
11. Fletcher Hendry
18. Jamie Whitehead
8. Brandon Hunter
19. Josh Redmond
6. Niall Tonner
15. Liam Boal
12. James Gordon
16. Blair Houston
17. Brodie McNab
Star Player
Tynecastle FC
Hutchison Vale FC
Tynecastle FC’s star player was Cameron Fraser. This playmaker not only was involved heavily throughout the game in helping his team create chances and attempt to score some of his own, Cameron’s work rate and pressing of the opposition showed real skill and determination. While he may be disappointed being a runner up in this final, he has the potential to use this as motivation and better his own skill and perhaps even win the next final he plays in.
Hutchison Vale FC’s star player was Jamie Whitehead. His confidence flourished in this final and it was seen in the way the youngster played. Jamie didn’t hesitate to the opportunity to charge at the opposition and get himself in great goal scoring positions. Comfortable on the ball, if anyone was to score the first goal in this final, it was going to be him. Jamie should treat his performance from the final as a spring board into future games to better his own ability even further.
Magic Moment
Tynecastle FC
Hutchison Vale FC
Tynecastle FC’s magic moment was the goal line clearance from Scott Jardine. This effort kept his side in the game as his clearance off the line was simply sensational. This showed not only Jardine’s own effort of not giving up but how the team work tirelessly to remain as part of this fixture as they could.
Hutchison Vale FC’s magic moment was their second goal of extra time and the celebrations that followed. The team had worked hard consistently throughout the game and were rewarded for their efforts. The celebration from not only Owen Renton but from the squad as a whole, showcased how much this victory meant for them and their winning mentality that they carry.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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