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Queensferry Highschool FC clinch the U14s SSFA League

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Queensferry Community High School’s under 14’s football team, the 2003s, won their SSFA league for the second year in a row. Here we speak to both of their coaches to find out how they feel about being winners of the league once again.
It has been a tense season for the team. The biggest challenge for the 2003’s was their away game at Craigmount High School which was both a league and a league cup game. And if they hadn’t won the game, they would not only have lost the league; they would have been out of the cup entirely. Any football player can identify with the enormous amount of pressure the team faced but they pulled through much to their delight and to the delight of their coaches Matt Armes and Colin Boyes. The significance of the last minute goal which sealed their success in this match was felt widely by all participants and spectators as Coach
Matt Armes declared: “The relief felt in a game of huge importance was particularly gratifying.”. Despite the pressure felt by all, not only did the boys manage to work hard throughout the game but according to Coach Boyes they also “enjoyed the game while each of them played their part superbly”.
This strong work ethic and sheer enjoyment of the game has been vital to the success of the 2003’s team all season and consequently to their winning of the league. Another contributing factor to their success is the boys’ solid team spirit. Their ability to work together, work for each other and listen to each other has meant that they have “gained the result of some of their phenomenal efforts throughout the season”.
The determination and strong teamwork of the boys is a source of pride for both coaches. They are both sure that these star qualities of the team are the reason they have succeeded and came out on top of the league for the second year in a row.
So after two league wins in a row, what’s next for the 2003’s? Coach Colin Boyes wants to continue to develop the team and “cement the league and to progress further in the Scottish competitions”. And of course there is no doubt that the team will have to maintain their positive, strong team morale as well as continuing to have fun on the pitch and enjoy the game. In terms of skills development, coach Matt Armes plans to “keep it simple, practice on the basics” in the hope that “the rest will fall into place”. The team will revel in the glory of their winning games but will keep “learning from the not-so- good ones” to ensure they build on their capacity to succeed.
The coaches had some final words to add after two winning years coaching the team. Coach Matt Armes thanks the dedication of the parents for driving the boys all over Edinburgh for the whole season and praises the boys on their effort and commendable time keeping! The pride felt all round is evident and now the plan is to go on and win the league cup, which would obviously be the “icing on the cake”. Coach Boyes is sure the boys can win “if they play to their potential … but whether they win or they lose they can be proud of their achievements this season as I certainly am”.
Congratulations to the 2003’s and their coaches!
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