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Broxburn Athletic Colts and their spectacular season

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Broxburn Athletic Colts had a great season in the 1st Division. They finished with only two losses, nine wins and 2 draws. We got the chance to catch up with the head coach of Broxburn, Darren Pegg, to find out what went right for them.
Working towards a league win is something that every team aims for at the start of the season so emotions were running high for the boys at Broxburn when they finally clinched it all. Darren said this about his teams feelings after the league win. "The boys are understandably delighted with the achievement. They are new to the league this season after moving from West Lothian and showed great consistency across the season which was reflected in their final position. All the officials are proud of their achievement." Being a new team in the league and taking the 1st division by storm is a great achievement for everyone involved at Broxburn and their league win is fully deserved. 
Picking a favourite moment of the league can be a hard moment for a coach, especially after such a successful season such as Broxburn. Darren was given this hard task and he said this. "Being behind in the final two league games and having the character to turn both matches around by having the courage to continue playing football the way we have, being brave on the ball and prepared to attack and score goals. Nothing beats the day that you seal the league." An obvious but reasonable pick for favourite moment of the season.
A great season doesn't rule out any challenges for Broxburn, they still had to fight through every game to seal the league. Darren said this about the challenges they faced. "All of them are equally as difficult as the next, any complacency that creeps in can alter the end result. There are a lot of good teams and good players in the league." Treating each game as the same is a great way to remain disciplined and give the team a good attitude coming into each game. 
Being able to pinpoint any reason for the teams success can be a tricky task. There can be multiple reasons for success and Darren said this about his teams driving force. "The guys have the talent and ability to play good football. This is complimented by the efforts John, Stuart, Alan and Craig put in to providing them with an excellent football education through training and advice given. The boys took a real boost and were fully aware of their ability to mount a realistic challenge for the league after beating Leith away 7-1 as Leith were a terrific footballing team and top of the league at the time." Leith Athletic were Broxburn's biggest competitors during the season, finishing only three points behind Broxburn, so to beat them convincingly 7-1 must have been a real boost of confidence for Broxburn. Not only did they clinch the league against a strong Leith Athletic side, they also won the South East Regional Cup against a dominant Musselburgh Windsor FC, cementing their spot as the top U19s side in the South East.
Darren had some final comments to add about Broxburns season. He commented, "Thanks to all the boys who have served the team and club so well over the years and have now reached their final season in youth football, your efforts were greatly appreciated. Thanks also to John McCormick for the support he's given to youth football in the past 8/9 years. I'm sure he'll enjoy his rest." 
Congratulations to Broxburn Athletic Colts and good luck to everyone involved in the team for next season. 
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