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Leith Athletic FC narrowly clinch the SERYFA 1st Division

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Leith Athletic FC finished top of the SERYFA Division 1 League on 49 points after a very tough battle throughout, with their close competitors Hutchison Vale FC who finished on a close 44 points. We got the chance to catch up with the coach of Leith Athletic, Scott Drever, to find out all about the success of the squad. 
Finishing at the top of the league is a great achievement, and a difficult task for any team. Leith Athletic were no different and the hard work put in throughout the season paid off and was shown in the reactions after the game. Scott said this, "We feel ecstatic at winning the Under 14s Division 1 League - It's a very competitive league with some very good teams. Our boys have been tremendous all season showing an excellent amount of consistency all year." Being able to compete in the highest level, against strong teams and to come out on top is a hard task but Leith Athletic pulled it off. 
Picking a favourite moment from the season is a hard task for any coach and Scott was no different, he had this to say about the moment that topped the rest. "This has to be our last match against Hutchison Vale which effectively became billed as the 'league decider'. We were 3-1 down in the match and came back to win 5-3.  The boys in our team showed great character to come back and win that one against a very good Hutchison Vale side." Having the mental strength as well as the physical fitness to come back from a 3-1 deficit is very impressive. Some teams would drop the heads and continue playing without the motivation to win. Leith done the opposite and kept their heads held high to pull back the win and ultimately, the league.
Despite the great season, Leith still had challenges to face and Scott said this about their hardest challenge to overcome. "We actually played three cup finals in the space of 10 days winning each one in turn, and then we played the league decider. That was four massive games played over an intense 13 day period. This was a massive challenge for our squad of players. They handled the pressure these games bring very well." Again, the mental side of things plays a huge part in youth football and Leith Athletic showed that they were on the stronger side and this pushed them over the top.
The driving force behind a teams success can often be hard to pinpoint but Scott thinks that he's found the secrets to their success. "I think that the pure desire to win matches and to be able to compete at the highest level withing our age group is a strong factor in our success." The boys had something to prove, being part of a great team and they made their mark known. 
After such a great season, winning three different cup finals and securing the league, there isn't much more that Leith can do but Scott still has high hopes for the future of the team. "We are hoping to continue the success and go into next season and continue to play good football." The sky's the limit for Leith Athletic if the squad can remain together and as strong as they have been this season. 
Scott had some final comments to add, he said this. "The league this season has been very competitive and credit should go to all the teams for improving again and upping their game, making it a fun but hard league to play in." 
Congratulations to Leith Athletic on their successful season and we wish them luck for the future.
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