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St Bernards BC Midlothian snatch SERYFA Division 2 title

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St Bernards BC Midlothian narrowly clinched the SERYFA Division 2 after a close matchup against Musselburgh Windsor Blues who finished just one point shy of St Bernards in the table. We caught up with the coach of St Bernards, Nicola Inglis, to find out about their success. 
Hard work is key to winning the league. Every team aims for the league title from the beginning of the season and St Bernards were no different. Nicola said this about the teams feelings towards the league win. "It feels great, and we feel very proud of the team as winning the league isn't just about three or four games like in a cup competition. It's about working hard week in, week out and getting results over the full season." The hard work has shown from St Bernards and it all paid off in the end.
After a great season which had many eventful ties, it can be hard to go back and choose a favourite moment. Nicola had this hard task and said this. "My favourite moment of the season was when our captain and central defender Corey Smith scored his first and only goal for the team. The whole squad ran up to him to congratulate him and showed him a great team spirit and camaraderie with the boys." Sticking together as a team is a huge part of the game. Team chemistry is one of the most important factors in a team and can make all the difference. 
St Bernards had a great season but they still had to go through some trials and tribulations to get to the point they are at now, league winners. Nicola said this about the teams biggest challenge. "The toughest match this season was our home match against Musselburgh Windsor in the league. It was end to end stuff and we eventually came out on top winning 6-5." It was a game of two halves and St Bernards just narrowly took the win and added three points to their league campaign. 
The main reason for success can be hard to find or choose, but Nicola thinks this reason is why the squad performed so well. "Our biggest driving force this season was building on and progressing from last season and by winning the league and the league cup, we feel as though we've achieved that." A great showing all year for St Bernards and the hard work and gruelling training sessions have been worth it in the end. 
Although they had a great season, St Bernards still have a lot to look forward to and Nicola said this about the squads future. "Our plans for the future are simple, keep working hard and giving 100% every game and training session and hopefully continue to grow as a team and as a club." A great attitude for St Bernards to have and an attitude like this will surely help them to maintain their success.
Congratulations to St Bernards BC Midlothian and we wish them good luck for the future.
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