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Murieston United Blues reflect on their successful season in the WLAYFC

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Murieston United Blues U15s finished top of the WLAYFC A League after a great season. We caught up with the head coach, Glen Harley, to find out all about it.
Winning the league is a great achievement, and something that everyone involved in the team aims for. So emotions are running high when the league is finally clinched. This is what Glen had to say about his team after the league victory. "It's hard to put into words. Having not won the league the week before it meant that a 'winner takes all' final game of the season. We'd won the league cup the previous Sunday and the boys were in a confident mood going into the game against Bathgate. The manner in which they played on the league clinching game on Tuesday - only two days after the league cup final - was remarkable. It is fair to say that the players, coaches and parents are all absolutely ecstatic to have won the league this year and the awards night is going to be something special." A great season all around for Murieston, winning the league cup final then two days later clinching the league. 
Glen's favourite moment of the season was an obvious and understandable choice. He said this, "We've had some great moments to relish this season but without a doubt, Tuesday's league clinching performance was worthy of winning any league and a great experience."  A great choice from Glen and an obvious one as nothing comes close to a league clinching victory. 
Despite the great season, Murieston still had some challenges that they had to overcome. Glen said this about their biggest challenge. "Our biggest challenge this year was early in January. We'd been on a great run up to then and I think we had only been beaten by Spartans in the regional cup. We went into the Scottish Cup last 16 tie against Blantyre with a weakened side due to injuries and illness. We lost the 3-1 tie and we all felt pretty down. A couple of other defeats, one in the County Cup added to the woes. But we knew we were a good side. We sat down with the boys to talk about it, worked hard at training, got focused again and went on a great run shortly after, right up to the end of the season." Being able to keep the heads high and have the work ethic to go through gruelling training sessions in order to do what needs to be done is a hard task. But the boys managed to push through and work together as a team in order to win the league. 
Being able to pinpoint the main reason for a teams success is a hard task for any coach, Glen said this about why his team done so well. "We made a concious decision at the end of last season to develop the core of 16 players who I and the coaching staff believed had the right attitude and ability to take the team up a level or two. From the very first pre-season training session we could tell that we made the right decision. Their work ethic, attitude and willingness to listen, learn and develop themselves individually and as a team, is what made them so successful." It sounds like the team came together as the season progressed and the chemistry began to form. Team chemistry is one of the most important factors in a teams success and Murieston seem to have worked it out. 
After a great season, Glen still has high hopes for the future of Murieston United. He said this about the future of the team. "All the boys have signed again which is great. We'll look to continue to develop them as much as we can and with the continuing support from Coerver Coaching Scotland, hope to build on the success from the season." Great ideas from Glen, and we hope that the boys continue to find the success they are looking for.
Glen had some final comments to add about the season, he said this. "It's been a team effort, and without the support of other coaches, Wayne O' Connor and Stephen Bowes, and our team secretary Jim Murphhy, and treasurer, Zoe Nicolaou, we wouldn't have been able to help the boys achieve what they have. It's been a great season and one that the players, coaches, parents, family, friends and the club can rightly be very proud of." 
Congratulations to Murieston United Blues and good luck for their future seasons. 
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