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Hutchison Vale comfortably win SERFYA 1st division

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Hutchison Vale FC Under 15’s took this year’s SERFYA Division 1 by storm, winning all but 2 of their matches in one of the highest quality and most competitive leagues in Scotland. We got the chance to speak to coach Norrie Kerr about what makes this tremendous team tick.

Norrie believes one of the main driving forces behind his team is their “great team spirit, belief within the team and a will to win.” These are all very important factors to winning, and nurturing and building this young team’s confidence has lead to them becoming a worthy title-winning side in their challenging division.
Norrie’s favourite moment in his team’s excellent season was winning the final game at Tynecastle playing away from home. He also enjoyed “playing away to Spartans and securing a draw which kept our 4 point advantage at the top of the league” This was a huge psychological boost for Norrie’s squad as this gave them the confidence and belief to go on and win the SERFYA Division 1 title. In Norrie’s opinion, this match was Hutchison Vale’s biggest challenge this season as Spartans FC are Hutchison Vale FC’s main rivals in their division. Norrie thought that this was great for team morale and made the result seem sweeter.
Hutchison Vale FC almost ended this year’s season undefeated, save for a close 3-2 loss to runners up Spartans FC, who finished 7 points behind Hutchison Vale. Norrie thought that winning the league by 7 points in just 14 games was a “great achievement in what is a very competitive league.” However, Spartans FC got their revenge by winning the SE Region Cup and the Scottish Cup. No doubt Hutchison Vale FC will be aiming to prevent Spartans FC from lifting those cups and the league trophy next season.
Despite such a first-rate season, Hutchison Vale FC are striving to get even better. Norrie wants his team “to build on this season's progress and to improve and develop the team.” If Hutchison Vale FC manage to stick to their goals and enhance their squad then they should experience even more success next season.
Norrie also wanted to thank the volunteers who had given up their time for his team, as well as the team and coaching staff on a successful season. 
Congratulations to Hutchison Vale FC on their outstanding season and good luck for next year.
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