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Holland 2020: Currie on Countdown to Tournament Kickoff

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The Currie 2006 squad are already counting down the days until they head to Holland for the 2020 Easter Open, revealed coach Neil Langhorn.
The Edinburgh side will join around 500 teams from across the globe in the Netherlands next April, and they can’t wait to get going:
“We are very, very excited,” Langhorn said. “Although it’s still almost a year away, the boys – and parents – are already looking forward to it massively, and we’ve started fundraising to help subsidise the trip for our players.
“We’re really looking forward to playing in a big tournament, travelling abroad together and playing teams from different countries. It should be a fantastic experience for the boys.”
A few years ago, an older Currie FC squad made the trip and had nothing but positive things to report from their experience on the continent; and after following the 2019 tournament on social media, Langhorn is confident Holland is the place for his 2006 side next year.
He said: “We’ve heard from the other Currie age group about their experience and are looking forward to the travelling and enjoying a bit of the local culture.
“We haven’t booked anything yet but are planning on taking in a stadium tour and maybe also some other trips. We also plan to enjoy what the holiday park we’re staying at has to offer.
“But the thing we’re looking forward to most is playing in the tournament.”
This Currie team have competed in tournaments before but, out with a trip to Manchester to play a local side, their experience has been limited to smaller, one day events in the surrounding area. Therefore, Langhorn believes the Easter Open is the perfect chance for the boys to grow as a team and as individual players.
He said: “The main thing [we want them to take from this trip] has got to be great memories of going on a trip abroad with their friends and teammates. These are the sort of thing that lives long in the memory, creating a strong bond between the boys and building team spirit.
“We also hope that the boys will learn a bit about themselves on the football pitch and grow their confidence and ability as players by pitting themselves against teams from other countries.”
And when it comes time to step onto the pitch, what will Currie have to do to get the better of the teams they’ll be up against? Langhorn reckons if they’re able to do what they do best then they’ll be more than a match for any side:
“What we always emphasise to the boys in any game we play in is work hard,” he said. “Support one another, get the ball down and play our passing game.”
“We have a really good bunch of lads, most of whom have been together for a number of years, who all get on well and are looking forward to testing themselves against the other teams.
“We aren’t really thinking about winning the tournament, just enjoying ourselves. But if we play to our ability then we’re confident that we will give a good account of ourselves and get some decent results.”
If your team fancies joining Currie in Holland next Easter, then visit https://www.eurotournaments.co.uk/holland for more information and details on how to get involved.

Liam Dickson | YFS Central Region Journalist

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